Bible Alphabet Crafts

Welcome! As the year goes on, I am posting Bible crafts from A-Z, one for each letter in the alphabet. Originally I came out with a series of Catholic ABC crafts, but now that I’m teaching at an interdenominational homeschool co-op, I am making a new set of Christian ABC crafts that can be used by Christians everywhere.


bible abc crafts for preschoolers

I would like to be very clear to everyone on the internet that may not understand- Catholics are Christian. The original series of Catholic ABC crafts had several crafts that were based on Saints, and other traditions that all denominations may not practice, so this new series is meant to be compatible with any Christian denomination. 

Click the links below for the coordinating Bible Alphabet Craft

(I only have what we’ve completed so far this year. More to come soon!)

I went ahead and filled in the links from my Catholic ABC’s program that will work for all Christians. As the year goes on, they will all be filled in.