Holy Spirit Resources For Kids (Crafts, Printables, More!)

I always find it helpful when I am teaching kids about anything to make sure that I make the resources fun and engaging for them. Nothing is effective than teaching kids at their own level! So when teaching kids about the Holy Spirit, naturally, I like to have some fun teaching tools to keep them interested and help them retain what they’re learning. The month of April is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, and you can find all of my resources for living the liturgical year in April here. Let’s check out these fun Holy Spirit Resources for kids!

Over the years, we have celebrated the Holy Spirit in a number of ways. We like to do fun Holy Spirit activities during Pentecots, when learning about Baptism, at Confirmation, and also when learning about the Trinity. There are so many times these resources can be handy!

Fruits Of The Spirit For Kids

The fruits of the Holy Spirit can be found in the Bible at Galations 5: 22-23, but did you know that Catholics have 3 extra fruits of the spirit? You can find resources for all 12 fruits of the spirit for kids here.

I even have a song for teaching kids the fruits of the spirit! You can sing along with this special sing a long video that is totally free 🙂


Gifts Of The Spirit For Kids

There are 9 gifts of the holy spirit and they are a totally different thing than the fruits! While the fruits are usually visually represented with… well, fruit… the gifts of the holy spirit are often depicted as flames! You can find my round up of gifts of the spirit teaching tools for kids here. 

Pentecost For Kids

Celebrating Pentecost Sunday is a great way to live the liturgical year with your kids! We love this feast day, and you can find my all of my ideas for celebrating Pentecost with kids here.

Trinity Resources For Kids

As the Holy Spirit is one of the divine persons of the Holy Trinity, you may also want to check out these Trinity resources for kids! I would especially suggest checking out my Trinity picture book for kids. You will learn a lot about the Holy Spirit in there!

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Dove Crafts For Kids

Because the Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove, any of these dove crafts would also be perfect for learning about the Holy Spirit with kids!

This dove handprint craft is perfect for preschoolers! Long term it will also serve as a keepsake. 

This super easy paper plate dove craft is also fun for preschool! The kids love how the final version rocks.

For older kids, this paper plate dove craft is fun and really quite cute when completed. 

You can find even more ideas on my Holy Spirit pinterest board! 🙂

More Holy Spirit Teaching Tools For Kids

Here are some of my other favorite resource sites so you can see their round ups on the Holy Spirit as well. Happy learning!

You can find even more resources for living the liturgical year in April here!