Walk With Jesus- Craft For The Letter W

This craft can stand for the letter W in a few different ways- It can either be “W is for Walk With Jesus” or “W is for Walk on Water” or even “W is for Wash feet.” Totally your choice. Here it is as “Walk With Jesus.”

walk with jesus stamp footprint craft

And here it is as “Walk on Water”

walk on water craft- fun Bible craft for preschoolers

You can find all of my tips and directions for making a using this fluffy shaving cream paint here

Supplies Needed:

  • Blue card stock or paper
  • Another color of card stock or paper
  • Scissors
  • Big ink pad (or paint for stamping footprint)
  • Glue Stick

Supplies Needed for the “Water” (optional):

  • Shaving cream
  • White school glue
  • Blue food color
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Disposable bowls

To make the puffy paint that is the “water,” you just mix one part shaving cream, and one part white school glue. Put a few drops of blue food color in it, and give each child their own Popsicle stick to stir it with. They like doing this part!

walk on water- how to make puffy paint

While they are stirring their puffy paint mixture, go around and stamp everyone’s footprints. I used a big ink pad, but you can substitute paint if you want. Immediately clean their foot with a baby wipe or rag before they get a chance to make a mess.

walk on water footprint craft

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When the puffy paint is mixed, have the children spread it onto their paper with their Popsicle stick.

walk on water craft 2

While they’re spreading their blue puffy paint, you can cut the footprints out. Because the puffy paint is made half of glue, you can just stick the footprints right into the paint.

walk on water craft- fun Bible craft for preschoolers

If you’re just doing “Walk With Jesus,” just glue the footprints right to your paper and write it on there with a marker.

walk with jesus fun bible craft

All the kid’s parents loved these! They really are a keepsake, and I liked the look of the actual ink stamp so much more than paint for this one.

walk with jesus craft

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