Scripture Craft For St. Valentine’s Day- Fun and Easy!

I’m still working on our interdenominational Christian ABC crafts for my homeschool co-op, and it’s time for the letter Q. Now, Q is a tricky letter to come up with a craft for, (in Catholic ABC’s we make a Queen Mary craft) but my friend Stacy helped me out with an idea that goes with Q, and works well for St. Valentine’s feast day as well.

scripture valentine's day craft for kids- bible verse on heart

Supplies Needed:

  • Q tips
  • Red and pink tempera paint
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • White Glue

bible verse valentine craft

The Q is for the following Bible verse:

“Deep waters cannot Quench love, nor floods sweet it away.” – Song of Songs 8:7

I made a printable sheet of this verse that you’re welcome to use, or if you’re not concerned with the letter Q you can use any love Bible verses that you’d like. 🙂

To continue with the Q theme, the Valentines are also painted with Q-tips. This is so much fun for kids!

Put the paint on paper plates with several Q-tips in each color. Cover your table with something to protect it. Cut 2 hearts from each piece of cardstock, and let the kids paint the hearts however their little hearts desire!

q tip painting with preschoolers

 This is a great craft for kids of all ages! You can make the hearts fade from red to pink…

q tip painting valentine scripture craft

…use the dots to make patterns…

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q tip painting with kids- fun

… make little pictures with the dots…

religious valentine craft

or any other style you like! 🙂

easy saint valentine's day craft

Be sure to cut lots of hearts out when you begin because your kids are going to like painting quite a few of these!

Allow the hearts to dry and add your love themed Bible verse. You can also glue a piece of ribbon to the back so these can hang.

scripture valentine craft- paint heart with bible verse

When we made these with my preschool class, the ribbon was glued on the back in advance. Although my class is kinda young to make patterns or anything, they still had a blast making these!

scripture valentine craft for kids

Be sure to check out my other St. Valentine’s Day resources below.


  1. Mary Engelbreit’s Queen of Hearts would be a fun book to read with this! I think I’ll do this craft with my son tomorrow. He just did letter Q in his MDO class.

  2. Mary Engelbreit’s Queen of Hearts would be a fun book to read with this! I think I’ll do this craft with my son tomorrow. He just did letter Q in his MDO class.

  3. Lacy- this is off topic of the valentine craft which I did with a group of 5 year olds and it was great! They had to share God’s love with others by giving the valentine away after they made it.

    Anyway-did I miss the February calendar stick-ons? I have been watching for them but didn’t see them. My kids really love putting them on the calendar and it has really brought a new awareness to our whole family about various feasts/special days! We put them on the family calendar so everyone can see right along side their volleyball practice that it’s St. John Bosco’s feast day. It’s wonderful! Thanks for all you do to encourage families to share the faith.