Bible Alphabet Craft For The Letter X

I was a little worried about the letter X, given that it’s such a weird letter, but this actually turned out really well! For the letter “X”, we went with eXalted!

jesus craft for preschoolers

Supplies Needed:

  • Card stock
  • White oil pastel (or crayon)
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Wooden dowels or skewers

Before class begins, write “JESUS” on each piece of card stock with your white oil pastel. If you don’t have a pastel, write it with a white crayon, making sure it’s nice and thick.

Let the kids paint all over their paper however they want. Everywhere the white crayon was resists the watercolor paints, and his name appears!

resist painting with preschoolers

Allow this to dry. Then turn the paper over, and use thick packing tape to put the wooden skewers on.

how to craft a banner

That’s it- you’re ready to exalt his name!

exalt his name bible craft for preschool

This would also be a great craft for the month of January, which is dedicated to the most holy name of Jesus.

exalt his name craft

This was a fun and easy craft for preschoolers! I loved how the final product ended up actually being able to be “exalted” above their heads. So cute!

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