Christian ABC Crafts

I’ve already done the whole series of Catholic ABC crafts, however, this year at our homeschool co-op, I am teaching an interdenominational preschool class, so I’m having to re-vamp some of the lessons. I’m working on making lessons that go through the alphabet that can be used by all Christians.

Even for Catholics, it’s fun to make up some new crafts that are more Bible based. My own kids have made the Catholic ABC crafts several times each. now, so change is nice. 🙂

Actually, week 1 didn’t change at all. A is still for Angel. Here are the canvas bags my 2 year old class made.

angel handprint craft for children

We made our same Angel handprint bags that I made with my co-op last year, and the same one I’ve done time and time again. It’s a classic. 🙂 Click for directions.

Handprints are always great for preschoolers because they really have a part in making it, and parents eat it up with a spoon. Plus, handprint crafts make adorable keepsakes!

angel handprint bible craft for kids

They all came out super cute!

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This year I have a child with darker skin in my class, so before stamping the circle for his angel face, we added  a little brown to the paint to match his own skin tone.

You can find all of my angel resources for kids here. You will find rafts, printables, books, recipes, and more! 


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In my book, Catholic ABC’s, you will find complete directions for running a preschool class, and implementing these Bible alphabet crafts into a full curriculum. Click the picture for more information.

Catholic ABC's Curriculum