K is for King- Bible Alphabet Crafts For Kids

Happy Epiphany! (Ok, ok. I know in the USA they reschedule it to be on the closest Sunday, but traditionally, the Epiphany is on January 6th.)

In any case, I’ve still been working on my Christian ABC’s craft series, and we learned about “Kings” for the letter K, which seemed fitting to post on the Epiphany. 🙂

crown craft for epiphany

I love to make wearable crafts with preschoolers, because they love wearing them!

Supplies Needed to Craft King Crowns:

  • Yellow poster board (you can get 4 crowns out of each piece)
  • School Glue
  • Stapler
  • Decorations (such as sequence, jewels, pom pom balls, feathers, glitter, etc.)

When making these with preschoolers, you want to cut out your crown shapes ahead of time. I cut the posterboard in half (width wise) and then cut a zig zag line down the middle (length wise) of each of those 2 pieces. That gave me 4 crown shapes total out of each piece of poster board with a minimum amount of cutting on my part. That’s it for the prep work.

Simply provide each child with a crown, glue, and decorations and let them go for it!

preschool king crown craft

I really do like to let the kids do their own work as much as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and they will like it the best when it is their own work!

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how to craft an easy crown

Different children will have different attention spans for embellishing the crowns, and that’s ok.

preschool bible craft

When they’re finished, hold the crown around their head to measure the right size for their individual head. Staple 2 times to hold it in a circle. When it’s dry, they can wear it. Ta da!

easy crown craft for preschoolers

You can check out Bible crafts for each alphabet letter here.

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