Rainbow Bible Craft- God Keeps His Promises

Still chugging along with our  Christian ABC crafts, and this week we were on the letter R. Guess what R is for? Rainbow! I think the Noah story is so great for kids, and so interesting! I love how it ends with hope in the form of a rainbow. You can find all of my Christian rainbow crafts for kids here. Now let’s take a look at this rainbow bible craft that is perfect for Sunday school!

rainbow dancer scripture craft- I set my bow in the clouds

This is basically a simple ribbon dancer craft with a cloud attached to the top with scripture on it. The scripture is about the rainbow. The Bible verse craft part at the top (the cloud) is available for all of you to print for free!

Supplies Needed For Each Ribbon Dancer:

  • Ribbon (about 3 feet each of each color)
  • Shower curtain ring
  • Clear tape
  • Printed Bible verse cloud (download available at bottom of post)
  • White glue
  • Cotton balls
  • Glitter (optional)

First, cut all of your ribbon into 3 foot long strips. You’ll need one piece of each color for each ribbon dancer.

rainbow ribbons

Next, tie loops in the top of all of the ribbon pieces. If the children you’re crafting with are older, they may be able to do this on their own. If they’re too little, you will want to tie the loops ahead of time.

rainbow ribbons together

You want the loops at the top to be big enough to thread the shower curtain loops through.

Print the clouds with the rainbow scripture onto white card stock and cut them out. For extra fun, glue cotton balls around the edge to make the cloud fluffy, and for extra extra fun, glitter the cotton balls! This kinda looks like rain. 😉 Make glittering the cotton balls easy by dipping a cotton ball in a paper plate of glue, and then a paper plate of glitter. Then flip over and glue around edge of cloud. We put a circle of glue around the preschooler’s clouds for them, but let them do all the dipping.

glittering cotton balls for rainbow craft

Here’s my completed cloud (I didn’t use glitter on mine). The scripture verse is Genesis 9:13 “I set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

rainbow bible craft- God keeps his promises

Set your clouds to the side to dry, and then have the kids string their ribbons onto the shower curtain rings. Here are ours all strung up!

ribbon dancer craft- how to make

This is a great time to let the kids go ahead and have a great time with these while their clouds are drying. My preschool class loved these!

preschoolers with ribbon dancers

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While they danced, we sang “Rise and Shine“, which is a little Bible song about the Noah and the flood. “God told Noah, there’s gunna be a floody floody- get those children (clap!) out of the muddy, muddy, children of the Lord!” My preschoolers loved it. 🙂

Look at my little Anabelle go! I absolutely loved watching her with this!

preschoolers love ribbon dancers- see how to make them here

how to make ribbon dancers for preschoolers

So cute! Have them try to wave it above their head and make a rainbow with it!

make a rainbow with ribbon dancers

Here are some more pictures of the ribbon dancer in action!

rainbow ribbon dancer- how to make one yourself

When the clouds are all dry, tape them onto the shower curtain rings on the top of the back in the middle of the ribbons like so. This way the loop hangs off the top.

how to make a ribbon dancer

Once the cloud is on, it can still be used as a ribbon dancer, but it is a little more fragile. Eventually, my kids played with it enough that the cloud came back off, but not before they all memorized the Bible verse. 🙂

rainbow bible craft- ribbon dancer

rainbow ribbon dancer craft for kids

You can download your clouds with the rainbow scripture here. They print 2 to a page. I recommend printing them on card stock.


  1. Barbara Jansz says

    Thanks! I’m going to use it for my pre-schoolers and tie it in with Jesus entering Jerusalem with the people holding the palms. Also I think you meant yard pieces.

  2. It’s a rainy afternoon here in Maryland, and this is the perfect craft to do for homeschool today! Thanks again for all of your fabulous ideas, Lacey!!!