Honoring Mary In The Month Of May With Kids

Since the month of May is dedicated to Mary, it’s a great time to honor her with your little ones! There are many Catholic traditions when it comes to honoring Mary, and I just love making sure the kids get included in these. So let’s look at honoring Mary in the month of Mary with kids. 

Honoring Mary in May with kids

Plant A Mary Garden (Or Clean Up The One You Have)

Having a Mary garden is not only a great way to honor Mary, but it can also provide a quiet and reflective place for your family to go to her in prayer. I have a post on how to start a Mary garden here.

If you want to make a small indoor Mary garden, check out this post on crafty indoor mini Mary gardens for kids here. This can be a great option if you are lacking a traditional Mary statue!

Have A May Crowning With Kids

Some years, our family has a May crowning during the month of May. This does not have to be complicated! You can have a May crowning at home or at your church. My post on having a May crowning with kids has all the info you need to pull this off. 

Make A May Altar For Mary

You can make a May altar in your home, and this can also be fun and simple to do! You will find everything you need to know about how to set up a May altar for Mary here with lots of ideas of what to put on the table!

Mary Crafts And Activities For Kids

If you like to celebrate Mary with fun kid crafts, you have really come to the right place! Check out my post here with more than 20 Mary crafts for kids!

Bring Flowers To Mary At Your Church

The simple act of bringing some flowers to church on Sunday can placing them near your Mary statue can have quite an impact on the kids! Read about bringing flowers to Mary with kids here

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Mary Printables For Kids

You can find a good round up of fun Mary printables for your little ones here

And be sure not to miss my printable Mary statue craft for kids. It’s free to print!

Mary Feast Day Food Ideas

I have a whole round up of blue and otherwise Mary-centered food ideas here. You are certain to find ideas for your Marian feast day here!


Honor Mary By Praying The Rosary

That’s right! Pray the rosary with your kids. You can find all of my rosary resources for kids and families here.

I hope you found these resources for honoring our Blessed Mother in May useful for your family. God bless!


  1. Simple and beautiful.

  2. Love the simplicity. Beautiful yard, btw 🙂 I really enjoyed your talk at the Carolina IHM Conference. Thanks so much for taking the time to come. Yesterday I thought of your tip on keeping it simple & tying our faith in to what we already do, when in the business of life, I hadn’t even realized it was Holy Trinity Sunday until the priest spoke on it at Mass. So, when we made our regular Sunday waffles/pancakes, I just pulled out the shamrock cookie cutter, explained the meaning to my little one, and oh so simply made a Holy Trinity breakfast. Thanks again for sharing your ideas and talents with all of us. I really enjoy your blog.

    • Great idea with the pancakes! So glad you could make it to the conference. 🙂

  3. Hi! I love your blog so much! I was thinking about starting my own for Catholic teens. I had a couple questions I would like to ask you, is there a way I can?

  4. Thank you for sharing. That picture IS reminiscent of the Fatima children. How wonderful!

  5. I am looking for the Mary craft Mary Queen of Heaven …you fold back the bottom and it makes a little stand up statue of Mary that says Mary Queen of heaven, make us your little crowns…..
    I cannot seem to locate the item? I have my original copy at school