Holy Thursday For Kids (Coloring, Activities, Crafts & More!)

Sometimes Holy Thursday is also known as “Green Thursday” or even “Maundy Thursday”, and it’s a really important day to Christians! A lot of Biblical things occurred on this day, and there are a lot of awesome traditions to do for Holy Thursday with your kids while living the liturgical year at home with them. So let’s take a look at these ideas for celebrating Holy Thursday with kids

Celebrating Holy Thursday

The best way to be able to celebrate any day with kids with actual meaning is for you yourself to understand what the feast day is all about. So let’s take a look at the Holy Thursday highlights to begin with. 

Holy Thursday Celebration Cheat Sheet:

  • Falls during Holy Week and Lent
  • Liturgical color: White
  • Anniversary of the Last Supper from the Bible
  • Jesus holds the first Mass
  • Jesus gives us the Eucharist
  • Jesus washes the feet of his disciples, and in the Catholic church, the priest washes the feet of the parishioners on this day
  • Jesus asks his disciples to “keep a watch” and stay up with him all night while he has his agony in the garden, but they keep falling asleep 

Holy Thursday Traditions And Celebration Ideas:

Try washing your kid’s feet the way Jesus washed the feet of the disciples! You can also let them was each other’s feet. This is an awesome tradition and also pretty easy to pull off. 
Washing Feet With Kids For Holy Thursday
Me and my kids love having liturgical tea parties, and Holy Thursday is no exception! Here is our Last Super themed tea party for kids.
Last Supper Tea Party For Holy Thursday
Baking leavened bread together is another excellent tradition for Holy Thursday! You can find my recipe for unleavened bread here
Leavened Bread and Grapes
Having a simple Christian Seder meal for Holy Thursday is also a really fun way to celebrate with kids and help them understand the true meaning of this day. 
Christian Seder
I also have this fun and printable Holy Thursday Last Supper craft that is easy to print and assemble onto an egg carton. Check it out! 

Last Supper Egg Carton Craft

Check out this footprint craft for feet washing– I love the recipe for the fluffy shaving cream glue that looks like water! This craft can be easily modified to a paper bowl to look like feet washing. 

Footprint Craft

Faith And Fabric have this super awesome printable Last Supper menu craft that you may find very helpful to your Holy Thursday celebrations! 

Make a Last Supper Menu

My printable book for kids, Holy Week In Handprints, also includes handprint crafts for Holy Thursday (as well as every day in Holy Week) so be sure to check that out!

Holy Thursday Handprint Crafts

Holy Week in Handprints

This is a simple Holy Thursday chalice craft from Flame Creative Children’s Ministry where kids can decorate plastic wine cups. They used some kind of paint markers but I bet you could use Sharpies or even oil pastels. 

Holy Thursday Chalice

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I also have some free printable coloring note-booking pages for Holy Thursday here

Holy Week Notebooking Pages

Great Holy Week Resources For Families!

Try celebrating all the days of Holy Week with my new cookbook for families– The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook! This cookbook includes 23 recipes that point to the true meaning of Easter. It only includes 29 pages of bonus printables! You do not want to miss this amazing resource. 

The Symbolic Holy Week and Easter Cookbook

Going To Adoration For Holy Thursday

Because Jesus asked the disciples to keep watch with him Thursday night during his agony in the garden, it is traditional for Catholics to go to adoration and stay until midnight on Thursday.

Many parishes set up a special adoration in the sanctuary after Holy Thursday Mass, so even if your parish doesn’t have perpetual adoration, this is probably an option for you. This is a beautiful tradition and I fully recommend it with your older kids. Maybe have a plan ahead of time to send the little home with one parent, and keep the older ones there to try to stay awake and pray with Jesus.

Catholic Mass

For more resources on the Eucharist, you might want to check out my First Communion resource page

Zig Zag Fold Color By Number

The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is sure to bless your family in the upcoming seasons! Read more now.

The Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook


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