Sacred And Immaculate Heart Crafts For Catholic Kids

The Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary are beautiful and traditional devotions in the Catholic faith. I always have a special place in my heart for these devotions, and I want to share that love with my children. When we celebrate the Sacred and Immaculate heart feast days with our Catholic kids, they can learn about how perfectly Jesus and Mary love them!

Days To Celebrate The Sacred And Immaculate Hearts

So just like I associate snow and sweaters with Christmas, I associate t-shirts, sunblock, long days with the kids, and summertime fun with the Sacred and Immaculate hearts! It would really make a great theme for Catholic vacation bible school!

Full Sacred Heart Themed VBS For Kids- Home Program!

Good news! I now have a full at-home VBS program for Catholic kidsSummer With The Sacred Heart! This vacation bible school program is chock full of fun crafts and activities for all kids ages preschool through teens. Get your program now!


Here’s a sample of the program in video form:

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Sacred And Immaculate Heart Crafts For Catholic Kids

The Sacred and Immaculate heart images are so beautiful!!! I absolutely love what the Latin community does with these images, and they certainly lend themselves to a lot of fun! There are endless possibilities for Catholic kids here, but lets see a few ideas.

This Sacred and Immaculate heart craft is so fun and easy- it’s made with foil and sharpie markers! So fun and colorful!

I have these Sacred and Immaculate heart peg dolls in my printable peg doll collection. I run you through painting the heads- step by step with pictures- and then you glue the bodies on them. So simple and now anyone can afford to have Catholic peg dolls.

Check out these super cute Sacred and Immaculate Heart paper bag puppets!

Check out how to make a giant Sacred and Immaculate heart out of pool noodles! Kids love this larger than life craft, and it can be displayed in your yard or used for a frisbee toss game for the summer!

This Sacred and Immaculate heart art project for kids is super cute! These little hearts start out as thumbprints. Perfect for learning about this Catholic devotion!

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Tie dyed shirts! You can make the Sacred heart on the front, and the Immaculate heart on the back! We absolutely loved these t-shirts, and tie dying is a great summertime activity! I am hoping to make these again with my kids this Summer in their current sizes.

These Sacred and Immaculate heart rosaries are a super easy and fun craft to make with kids!

Make your own Sacred and Immaculate Heart shortcakes! These are easy for mom because kids build their own, making it also an activity. Win, win!

These super cute Sacred Heart coloring pages for both kids and adults can be found over at Real Life At Home. So fun!

My printable miraculous medal craft has the Sacred and Immaculate heart images together on the back.

And I also have a how to draw the Sacred Heart video. So fun! Check it out.

Over on Famila Catolica, find these really cool
Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart sun catcher crafts!
I LOVE this site! It’s in Spanish, but she has a translator
on the top left of the screen 🙂


Sacred And Immaculate Heart Food Ideas For Catholic Kids

Again, these feast days are celebrated during the Summer. So I’m not going to figure out a way to associate hot chocolate with the Sacred Heart. If I’m thinking about the colors of hearts, and seasonal summer food, that’s going to compel me to start thinking of watermelons, strawberries and the such. You can also check out these cute food ideas!

We had so much fun making these Sacred and Immaculate heart play dough cookies. Recipe included in the post! And don’t let the name throw you- they’re totally edible.

Check out these Sacred Heart Truffles from Real Life at Home.
They’re so cute! 🙂
Sacred Heart Truffles
Also, I love love love these Sacred heart cupcakes from the Crafty Chica! She has a great tutorial so be sure to check it out.
The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and you can find my other resources for celebrating June feast days with kids here. 
The month of August is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and you can find my other resources for celebrating August feast days with kids here.
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!


  1. These are great!

  2. Samantha says

    Oh, I love the cookies! And thank you for reminding us that we have the whole month of June for celebrating the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I was starting to get a little anxious there, seeing as how the Feast is tomorrow!

  3. Gardenia says

    wonderful. what would we all do without you helping us come up with craft ideas!

  4. we just finished our HUGE sacred heart. THanks for all the cool ideas!!! LOVe love, those cookies!!!

  5. Thanks. We watched the you tube video and made the sacred heart shortbread and tomorrow with the leftovers we will make the Immaculate heart of Mary,!


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