Printable Stations Of The Cross Craft For Kids

Well… ya’ll have been asking me for a printable version of stations of the cross to do at home with kids, and I heard you! I am very excited and pleased to present my brand new set of printable stations of the cross for kids. These are so easy to assemble, store flat, and you can either color them yourself or print them already in color. Check it out- my printable stations of the cross craft for kids!

Each station is shaped like a cross and has a child friendly image representing that station in the middle. 

Each station of the cross is also numbered with both a Roman numeral and also written out in word form. Then at the bottom of the cross it actually says what the station is for you.

These are so so easy to cut and assemble! You just cut around the outside lines (all straight lines) and then also what is pictured here in red.

I have these special slots, and when you turn the crosses around and slide them together, they stand up!

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There are 2 reasons why these slots are the best!

  1. You do not need any glue, tape, staples, NOTHING to assemble these! Just print them and cut them out!
  2. When you are finished praying your stations of the cross, just slide the little slots back apart. They store FLAT so you can put them in an envelope for next time!

How To Use These Stations Of The Cross With Kids

After assembling your stations of the cross, set them up around your house in various locations trying to make a circle in order. This could also be set up outside given good weather.

Then travel around your house praying the stations like you would at church! 

Download Your Stations Set Now

Ok guys, I know that this year, due to the Coronavirus, we can’t attend the stations of the cross at our local parishes, and that is so sad. As much as I wish I could make everything on this site for free and just live off of the woods, I can’t. However, I get it that we are all in a bad situation right now, so I am going to offer this download for half price for the next 2 weeks. That should get everyone through this first Holy Week. This is going to be an $8 download, but for now, it will be just $4. I hope that makes it readily available for your family. I do work hard to keep the resources here at Catholic Icing affordable for everyone. You can buy your stations set here.



  1. Blessings from Alabama Lacy. I was looking for the Christ /monstrance coloring by numbers? Can you send me the link please? For some odd reason I have only found one half of that project. May the Lord keep you and yours safe during that’s days of quarantine. Dawn Damato

  2. This is wonderful. Thank you! While not the same of being at church they kids will have fun coloring them and praying the stations as a family.

  3. I just bought the printable station of the cross. Should I print with regular paper or I need certain paper for better standing?

    Thank you

    • Card stock will certainly make them sturdier but it’s not necessary. Another option is laminating them or gluing them around toilet paper tubes.

  4. April Beck says

    Thank you for these, I found them on TpT and plan to download and print them from there.

  5. Abigail Carrizales says

    For some reason I can’t seem to buy the printable “Stations of the Cross.” I’ll add it to my cart and it’ll say, ““Stations Of The Cross Craft” has been added to your cart.” then I click on “View Cart” and it sends me to the new page for the cart and it says “Your cart is currently empty.”

    • Hi Abigail –

      Could you try it again or maybe try it with a different device or different web browser? I tried it out and couldn’t duplicate what happened when you tried to purchase. It was still in my cart. But, if you try a different web browser, it might work better.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  6. Are the stations also on Teachers Pay Teachers if we do not care to download this way?

    • Yes, this Stations of the Cross craft is in Lacy’s Teachers Pay Teachers shop as well.

      Angie, Catholic Icing Business Manager