Jelly Bean Prayer- Printable Coloring Story Book For Christian Kids

Have you heard of the Jelly Bean Prayer? It’s an adorable little poem where each jelly bean color stands for a different part of the Easter story.

I love taking the parts of holidays that already exist and throwing a Christ-centered spin on them so that everything from the day points back on the true meaning of the season. It’s kind of my favorite thing about Catholic Icing, actually, and who isn’t already going to have jelly beans around for Easter? Anyone? Show of hands??? 😉

So I made a printable version of the Jelly Bean Prayer to share with your kids as an Easter devotional this year!!!

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This Jelly Bean Prayer download is a printable coloring book for kids. The download is available in black and white (as a coloring book) and also already in color. The pages are all jelly bean shaped and 2 of the bean pages print on each sheet of paper.
Also, there is a bonus page at the end that has all of the Jelly Bean Prayer on one page. This can be used to label bags of Jelly Beans. 🙂
To assemble this book, just print the pages in either black and white or color, then color as desired. Cut out the jelly bean shapes, punch a hole in each one, and make a pipe cleaner “ring” to connect the pages. This is super fun for kids!
Each page has a part of the poem and a cute little cartoon jelly bean illustration.
You can get the full download (black & white AND in color) for a total of 14 pages, for just $1 for a limited time! Go ahead and grab yours now!

I just love these little guys! They put a smile on my face! 🙂


  1. Juju at Tales of says

    ADORABLE bracelet 🙂

  2. Amazing_Grace says

    Oh, my gosh! These are great activities. Thank you for sharing and posting my game. I really LOVE the jelly bean candle!

  3. JOYfilled Family says

    We have used the Jelly Bean Prayer in the past to coordinate with our Sacrifice Beans. I think we'll be embellishing our plans with some of the ideas listed here. I especially like the bracelet.

    We may also make a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory for an added touch.

    Pax – Lena

  4. Gillian Williams says

    God bless your creatively and passion for the teaching the foundation of our children may He whose promises are True and Sure be your and may He lead your every paths with greater blessings with much greater fruitfulness, grace and love. Gillian

  5. Beth Stafford says

    Hi! Is there a Spanish Version of The Jelly Bean Prayer?

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