Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Catholic Kids (The Ultimate Resource List!)

When celebrating Saint Patrick’s day with Catholic kids, it’s so easy to make sure you are celebrating the true meaning of this day and using the liturgical year as an opportunity to learn for your kids! I have several tips here to make celebrating as Catholics easy for families and fun for kids. Check out these ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s day with Catholic kids- all the resources you will need! 🙂


I have several round ups for Saint Patrick’s day for kids and I am going to break them down by category for you. First, lets look at how we can celebrate St. Patrick’s day as Catholics:

8 Tips Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day With Catholic Kids

  1. Focus on St. Patrick himself! This may seem like a silly tip, but actually, it can be quite easy for leperchuns and pots of gold to start stealing St. Patrick’s thunder. Don’t let it! You know where the focus should be!
  2. Focus on shamrocks. Again… does this seem obvious? Not as obvious as you’d think! Many many St. Patrick’s day resources actually include 4 leaf clovers for “luck” rather than shamrocks. The reason why we use shamrocks on this day is because St. Patrick used them to teach about the Trinity, so it only makes since to focus on 3 leaves rather than 4. 
  3. Learn about the Trinity! So St. Patrick is famous for teaching others about the Trinity, so it’s a great day to pull out those Trinity resources whether or not they relate to shamrocks. 
  4. Have some fun with snakes! Because St. Patrick is said to have banished the snakes from Ireland, this could be a great time to make some fun snake snacks or crafts. Could be very appealing to boys!
  5. Celebrate the Irish. Lots of families like to make Irish food for St. Patrick’s day since he converted Ireland and lived there for quite awhile. You can also learn some history about Ireland on this day.
  6. Celtic stuff goes! I love all the beautiful Celtic imagery of the Trinity etc, and this could be a great day to learn some Celtic knots or have related food and crafts. A great Catholic way to celebrate! 
  7. Go Green!!! Green is the color of St. Patrick’s day, shamrocks, Ireland, AND snakes! lol. So the more green that goes into your celebrating the better! 
  8. Side step the things that have nothing to do with St. Patrick. The things I see the most of this time of year that have absolutely nothing to do with St. Patrick are leprechauns, 4 leaf clovers, rainbows, and pots of gold.  

St. Patrick’s Day Tea Party

One of my favorite traditions on this feast day is to have a St. Patrick’s day tea party with my kids! You can see how and why we throw liturgical tea parties here

Saint Patrick Printables For Catholic Kids

I have a super great round up of printables for Catholic kids on St. Patrick’s day here. It’s a mixture of free printables and affordable stuff, but you definitely don’t want to miss this post. Tons of good resources here!

Saint Patrick Crafts For Catholic Kids

This round up has tons of ideas for celebrating St. Patrick himself, and not leperchauns and pots of gold. Check out all the St. Patrick’s day crafts for Catholic kids here.

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Also, be sure not to miss my favorite one, this printable stand up St. Patrick craft. So cute and easy!

Saint Patrick Food Ideas For Catholic Kids

Again, rather than rainbow treats, check out these St. Patrick’s day food ideas that celebrate the true meaning of this feast day. 

Saint Patrick’s Day Prayers For Kids

Don’t forget to pray! I have a whole round up of the best prayers for kids on St. Patrick’s day along with some song prayers, free printables, and more! 

Saint Patrick Banishes The Snakes

I have a great round up of fun snake crafts and more here so you can learn about how Saint Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland!

More Trinity Resources

Like I said, this is a great feast day to learn about the Trinity in general, so check out my other Trinity resources for kids here!
Also, I highly recommend my picture book about the Trinity for kids, and it totally includes the story of St. Patrick as well as several shamrock resources 😉

You can find more resources for living the liturgical year with kids in March here.



  1. Amazing_Grace says

    That Irish Vegetable Platter is a hoot! Great idea! 🙂

  2. JOYfilled Family says

    Love the ideas! I found a simple craft idea on Sat. My girls were thrilled to get out of Leneten cleaning. You can view our work here.
    Pax Christi – Lena

  3. Melissa from MN says

    Thank you so much for these wonderful ideas. I love to share with my readers links to your website so they can be as inspired as me! People often ask me "How do you do it?" and I have to mention all these fabulous Catholic Mom's Blogs full of tips and ideas.

  4. Thank You so much. My kids really enjoyed the coloring page. I wish that we could find more like it. Again thanks for sharing you ideas. God Bless and keep you.