Ascension of Jesus Crafts for Kids

The solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus is such a great day to celebrate with kids when living the liturgical year in your home!  I always find that when I reach kids on their own level with fun, hands-on activities, it helps them learn the story and retain it longer. You can find all of my resources for celebrating the ascension with kids here. Today, let’s check out these ascension of Jesus crafts for kids.

Ascension Thursday / Sunday Cheat Sheet

You can be a better teacher if you make sure you understand the feast day yourself first, so let’s take a look at Ascension Thursday/Sunday in a nutshell.

  • In the Catholic faith, Ascension Sunday traditionally falls 40 days after Easter, which is a Thursday. It is a holy day of obligation, but many dioceses now move Ascension Thursday to be celebrated on the seventh Sunday of Easter. Check with your local diocese to see what they do. 
  • Jesus ascended into heaven. Mary was assumed into heaven. The simple difference here is that Jesus ascended on his own abilities, and Mary was brought up. These happened at different times, this is just an explanation of a wording difference. 
  • When Jesus ascended into heaven, he told the apostles to wait on the Holy Spirit to come upon them. They stayed and prayed for 9 days until Pentecost Sunday, making the first novena. A novena is a prayer prayed for 9 days and the concept is based on this event.
  • The ascension of Jesus is the 2nd glorious mystery of the rosary! 

Ascension Crafts For Kids

This free printable ascension craft for kids is cute and has great pictures about how to assemble your own. The files are available at the bottom of the post.

I have seen a lot of versions of an ascension craft where Jesus goes up into a blue paper cup with clouds, which is a super adorable idea! Check out this version from Catholic Teacher Resources that has a free printable for making your own!
You could use my printable Risen Jesus for an ascension craft. He stands up on his own so it would make a good centerpiece!
Check out how to make this cute Ascension Craft from 10 Kids and a Dog. Not only does this look like a fun craft, but it certainly makes for a striking visual when it’s all strung up above your dinner table! 

If you’re looking for a simpler way to celebrate Ascension Thursday with your family this year, try printing a beautiful Ascension coloring page from St. John’s for free!

This printable ascension craft for kids is available to print for free from Catholic Playgroud. I love how many of these are interactive with Jesus rising up in the clouds!

For a fun ascension food idea, check out these ascension jello cloud parfaits! Aren’t they adorable?! You can find some really good directions for creating your own cloud jello treats here

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You can also find my full round up of cloud dessert ideas for kids here. All of these are easy to make at home yourself!

If you’re looking for a cool ascension craft for older kids, check out this diy glowing ascension cloud craft from Catholic Inspired. Sure to “wow” your kids! She gives some really good step by step directions for how to assemble your own.

How cute is this ascension centerpiece from Our Domestic Church? And so creative!

If you’re looking for more resources for celebrating the ascension of Jesus with kids, be sure to find my post all about celebrating the solemnity of the Ascension with kids here

Pentecost Sunday comes right behind the Ascension! You can find all my Pentecost resources for Catholic kids here!


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