Rosary Resources, Activities, And Crafts For Catholic Kids

My goal is always to make things fun and relatable for kids because I find that that is when they remember the most! So when I am teaching kids about the rosary, I like to give them a little hands on fun to help the learning stick! Here is a good round up of rosary crafts, activities, and resources for kids. Be sure to check out my 10 tips for praying the rosary with Catholic kids, and then read on to find all the best crafts and activities to go with it!


Make a giant rosary from pool noodles! This goes together cheap and fairly easy, and I have actually used mine to lead rosaries in large groups such as at vacation bible school. Plus, having it with you leaves a lasting impression!

Craft a mysteries of the rosary book with your kids. This is a great way to learn!

Craft the cutest and easiest little pipe cleaner rosary. This is one of my favorite Catholic crafts of all time! So fun, cheap, and easy. Kids love this! We have even made a shamrock version for St. Patrick and also a heart version for the Sacred and Immaculate hearts!

You can make these starter rosaries for Catholic preschoolers to get small kids started on using the rosary beads during prayer time.

Try making a rosary board where the children follow along with a Mary statue rather than counting on actual beads.

I have a printable ebooklet called Learning Your Prayers The Write Way that helps kids learn their rosary prayers through copywork. If you never write the prayers out, they may never know for sure what words they are saying. It includes all the rosary prayers including the Fatima prayer!

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Make a diy rosary hanger with your kids so they can proudly display their rosary in their room and reach it whenever they need it.

Try making an edible rosary! This could be small and for one child, such as with cereal or raisins. You can also make big edible rosaries from donut holes or cupcakes. Your creativity is the only limit!

How To Draw A Rosary. This is so easy to draw! It is my absolute easiest how to draw video and it has the right number of beads. Yay!

For more of a drawing challenge, try out my How To Draw Our Lady Of The Rosary video! This is so great for older kids. Give it a try! (There is also a free printable coloring page of this image available from the same post for those too little to draw her themselves.)

How To Make A Rosary. You can now string your own rosary without needing any specialty supplies. All you need is string and pony beads!

Sew Our Lady Of The Rosary. I just love these little sew-your-own-Saint-stuffy kits from Faith and Fabric. What a great way to celebrate with your Catholic kiddos!

If you’re looking for more ideas, check out my resources on how to honor Mary with kids.

Be sure to check out all of my other October feast day resources as well!


  1. Jennifer Sharpe says

    I have started to pray the rosary as I would put my 4 year old twin girls down for a nap. At first this was mostly just for me because I was trying to work a daily rosary into my day. I thought what better time when I am sitting in a chair listening to soft music. I had been struggling a bit at nap time to get them settled. My mom taught me from a very early age to start saying my prayers if I was having trouble falling asleep. I thought if I could remember that memory and I still fall back on that today, maybe it might work for my kids. It worked great to get them settled and to be quiet because “we don’t make noise during prayers”. I did this consistently for about a week and half. Then, for some reason I didn’t bring my rosary and I had not planned on saying it at that time. They both looked at me and asked “Aren’t we going to say prayers? We want to say prayers.” My heart totally melted and I will forever remember that moment. Not only had I done something to change my life but the lives of my girls. I quickly grabbed my rosary and began to pray. Just planting the first seed can grow a garden!