DIY Jell-O Snack Cups For Mardi Gras (Non-Alcoholic)

We just love to celebrate Mardi Gras, and the colors of the day are purple, green, and yellow. I share many reasons in the list below as to why I like Jell-O as a dessert option for kids, but the beautiful colors can't be denied! This makes it perfect for serving up some tri-colored Mardi Gras treats this year! Lets check out how to make these fun Jell-O snacks for Mardi Gras- perfect for your … [Read more...]

Catholic Mardi Gras Celebration Ideas (And The Traditions That Started Them)

For anyone still looking for ideas to celebrate Mardi Gras with their kids and families, you've come to the right place! :-) We love to live the liturgical year in our home, and celebrating Mardi Gras is a fun way to have a final big hoopla before Lent begins! In this article, I am going to tell you a brief origin of each Mardi Gras tradition included here, and links to the coordinating Catholic … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras Cookies (Most Delicious Recipe Ever!)

I recently shared our family's absolute favorite cookie recipe for the most delicious cookies ever, and one of the things I love so much about these cookies are that they can be made in any color to be festive for a variety of feast days! We like to make them for Mardi Gras as kind of a big final delicious bang before we begin our Lenten fasting, and they are quite beautiful in purple, green, and … [Read more...]

Sacred Heart Strawberry Shortcakes

The Sacred heart of Jesus and the Immaculate heart of Mary are both beautiful Catholic images full of symbolism! These Catholic devotions can be fun to celebrate any time of the year, and even for St. Valentine's day. These heart images lend themselves to all kinds of fun and colorful interpretations, and today we are going to make them from strawberry shortcakes, but would also work on top of any … [Read more...]

Heart Shaped Shortbread Cookie Recipe

My kids love cookies and I have a soft place for them in my heart as well! They're so small and adorable and I love how special they seem on feast days, like St. Valentine's day. Cookies can take on almost any personality and this heart shaped shortbread cookie recipe is absolutely perfect for St. Valentine's day! These cookies are adorable and certain to please a crowd and put a smile on your … [Read more...]

How To Draw A Pretzel

This week I wanted to bring you something you could use for Lent, and a pretzel seemed like just the thing! We love to make big soft pretzels during Lent, and now the kids can use this video for drawing their own Lenten pretzel prayer cards! I have a printable version of the Lenten pretzel prayer along with my recipe for soft pretzels here. Pretzels can be tricky to draw because of the way they … [Read more...]

Sacred Heart Art Project For Catholic Kids

The Sacred heart of Jesus and Immaculate heart of Mary are both beautiful images and full of symbolism! They are one of my favorite Catholic devotions, and I just love all the different artistic takes on these images, especially the colorful and fun versions from the Latin community. I have been fascinated by these images since I was a little girl, and I thought a good way to teach my kids about … [Read more...]

The Most Delicious St. Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipe

As you may have seen, I shared my family's favorite cookie recipe- the most delicious cookies ever! Besides being absolutely the yummiest cookies at all time I love how they can be decorated with different colors of sugar to take on totally different looks. We bake them for various feast days and special occasions, including St. Valentine's day. This year we made the most delicious St. Valentine's … [Read more...]

How To Draw St. Brigid’s Cross (Step By Step)

I am so excited to bring you this Friday's Catholic how to draw video, how to draw Saint Brigid's Cross! Saint Brigid's feast day falls every year on February 1. She is also often celebrated on St. Patrick's feast day (March 17) since she was Irish. It is customary on her feast day to make what is called a "Saint Brigid's Cross" which are traditionally woven out of grass. You can see how we make … [Read more...]

Seashell Krispie Treats (A Perfect Dessert Recipe For Baptisms)

The scallop shell is one of the most common symbols of Baptism because Jesus (as well as others) are very commonly portrade as being baptized by having water poured over them with a shell. At the baptism of all of my children, the priest used a golden dish shaped like a scallop shell to baptize them. Catholics find shells especially handy since we baptize infants and generally pour the water over … [Read more...]