Teaching Liturgical Colors To Kids- Catholic Craft

When you are living the liturgical year at home with your Catholic kids, it is only natural to want to teach kids about the liturgical colors that go with the Catholic liturgical seasons. This easy and affordable craft can help teach your children about the Catholic liturgical calendar colors, does NOT involve sewing, and can last your family for years to come! First of all, if you have a … [Read more...]

Living The Liturgical Year At Home- How To Get Started

Do you want to celebrate the liturgical year at home, but you don't know where to start? Or maybe you don't even know what living liturgically means. Either way, you have come to the right place. So, what is the liturgical year? There's no reason to be confused or intimidated by this terminology. The liturgical year is just another way of saying church year or christian calendar. The term … [Read more...]

Catholic Religious Ed… Whose Job Is It? A Shocking Catechism Reveal

Making sure that our kids get a good Catholic religious education is important. You may decide to accomplish this by taking your kids to CCD each Wednesday night, or by dropping them at Catholic school each morning. Whatever your system is, today I want to share with you just what the Catechism says about educating our children, because I consider it actually shocking. But first, a question. … [Read more...]

Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft with Catholic Kids

We made these Holy Water Bottle Necklaces when Anabelle was Baptized, and this was such a fun craft for Baptism! It got the kids involved, gave them something to look forward to, kept them occupied, and I got to teach the kids about Holy Water. Score! :-) How to Make a Holy Water Bottle Craft Making this Holy Water Bottle Craft was super easy and the kids really enjoyed it! Supplies Needed … [Read more...]

Catholic Home Altar Resources

There is nothing tricky or fancy about setting up a home altar. It's a simple thing to do and a beautiful way to live the liturgical year at your home. Here are some resources for you when designing your home altar. How To Get Started- all the resources beginners need! How to make a portable prayer table for either a small home or a classroom Home Altars Designs For Feasts And … [Read more...]

DIY Mini Mass Kit For Kids- Mass Resources For Catholic Kids

You can find all of my Mass resources for Catholic kids here. Find all of my peg doll resources here! I am beginning a new series called "Teach Catholic Kids About The Mass." Today, I wanted to share something with you that we actually did years ago. It's a craft with a tiny altar, tiny altar pieces, and big fun for Catholic kids! The great thing about this Mass set for kids is that it's … [Read more...]

Glittery Jesus Fish Craft- Make a Mobile!

This week we made a Jesus fish craft using only cardboard tubes, glue, and glitter. The kids had so much fun with this one! This was such a simple process. Take a cardboard tube (such as a toilet paper roll or a paper towel tube) and flatten it. Then cut it into strips. You'll end up with football shaped rings. Cut the ring apart at one fold, cut 2 slits, and fit together in the shape of  … [Read more...]

Frame a Prayer with Children

Catholic ABC's Week: 21 Letter of the week: P Theme: Prayer Saint of the Week: St. Peter Craft: Prayer Craft I was really torn about what the focus for "P" week should be, but ultimately decided on "prayer" because it's so important, and such a basic concept. :-) This is a craft Lydia made at our preschool co-op, and it has been a great tool to encourage us to pray together. Materials … [Read more...]

Nun Craft – Paper Bag Puppets

Catholic ABC's Week: 19 Letter of the week: N Theme: Nun Saint of the Week: St. Nicholas Craft: Paper Bag Nun Puppets *The complete patters for these is now available in my Saint Puppet Ebook! Check it out here. Materials needed to complete this craft: Paper lunch bags Assorted construction paper Glue Googly eyes Manila File Folder Scissors Assorted supplies for … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Month of the Rosary!

October is here- the month of the Rosary! Today I'm having a special rosary link-up. You post about your rosary ideas, and then put your link at the bottom of this post. :-) <a href="https://www.catholicicing.com/search/label/Rosary%20Link%20Up" target="_blank"><img border="0" alt="Month of the Rosary" width="180" … [Read more...]