Palm Sunday Crafts and Ideas for Kids

Palm Sunday is coming up faster than any of us expected! (At least that’s the general feel around Catholic Icing’s facebook page! 😉 So I thought I better get to posting about it!

Ok, I found the most amazing website about palm weaving
EVER over on Catechist’s Journey. Anthony Parente has a
great website about palms- including great tutorials for palm weaving!
Palm Sunday (or Passion Sunday) is a traditional day
did on Just Another Day in Paradise. If you don’t have any purple
cloth, consider using purple tissue paper! 🙂
I loved this table decorating idea from Sowing Mustard Seeds
to include a donkey and palm tree on your Palm Sunday table!
If you don’t have these statues available, I have a printable palm tree
and a printable donkey from my stand up printable nativity set.
Love this “Palm of Palms” craft I saw over on
St. Brigid’s Academy! 🙂
Click here to print this Palm Sunday coloring page
from Sermons 4 Kids.
Sunday School Kids has a bunch of great Palm Sunday crafts!
Here’s another Palm Sunday coloring sheet:

They also have a printable template for this
paper palm branch craft:

Also find a printable page to make this
fan palm branch– their crafts don’t end! 🙂


  1. Kathleen's Catholic says

    I love the palm of palms made with the hands. What a great idea!

  2. I spent hours searching for ideas for my window display and came up with the idea to portray the last two weeks of Jesus on the window display. How? This week until Sunday, a Palm display with a picture of Jesus on the donkey. Next week, Holy week. Display the stations of the cross. Thanks to your post I have now more ideas to use. Thanks

  3. Awesome ideas! I love the Shower of Roses handprint palm branch. So cute. I also love the coloring pages. My little ones can totally do these:)

  4. Hi, Lacy! I LOVE your blog, just wish I had the creative energy to do all the great crafts you post! One thing about the purple cloths: on the new calendar Palm Sunday is combined with Passion Sunday, but the final two weeks of Lent are still technically Passiontide and the purple cloths are put up the Sunday before Palm Sunday (on the "old" calendar used for the Tridentine Mass the Sunday before Palm Sunday is "Passion Sunday" to mark the transition to focusing on the passion in preparation for Holy Week). Another Sunday that is often forgotten is Laetare Sunday, the Fourth Sunday of Lent, which marks the halfway point of Lent and focuses on rejoicing. If you ever make a revision to your colorable Lenten calendar, it might be fun to add Laetare Sunday that the kids could color pink, and maybe note that the last two weeks of Lent are Passiontide.

  5. Love the idea of decorating the table with palm trees! I love all of the ideas! Thanks!!

  6. Anonymous says

    About the clothes, I know they are put up in Germany (and much of Eastern Europe) on Passion Sunday. Traditionally it was done in black, but purple is becoming more popular. I've never heard of this before, but our new parish observes it on a different Sunday. We are also in a different diocese. So, maybe each bishop does it differently.

    I even know of parishes in our old diocese who followed a pastors way of doing, depending on the pastor. I'm sure with prior apporval from the bishop, I assume this because those pastors are actually missionaries from Europe. Just to clarify 😀

    Can someone clarify for use newer Catholics, how Palm Sunday and Passion Sunday became infused? Our old and new parish have a different way of celebrating…in fact, there was no homily today just the reading. Is that normal? All masses are canceled for the rest of the week as well. There is one evening Mass at 7:30, but this parish is HUGE, we'll be outside no doubt…and they canceled a Mass on Easter Sunday. We normally have 2-4 police cars/men directing traffic between Masses…I can imagine the chaos…

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