Lenten Activities That Last 40 Days (And Encourage Sacrifice!)

Lent is a penitential season that lasts for 40 days! In all my experience with kids, they love counting down the days to a special time, and today, I wanted to share with you some family-friendly activities that last the length of Lent. Best of all, most of these activities encourage extra sacrifices and good deeds throughout the season! So here we go- Lenten activities that last 40 days! 

Lenten activities the last all 40 days

Lenten Countdown Calendar

My printable Lenten calendar for kids is always a huge hit! You can print the Lenten calendar for free, and see all the most important days of Lent coming. This is perfect for kids of all ages!

Printable lenten calendar for kids, in black and white and color and blank for translations

Crown Of Thorns For Sacrificing

Here you will find directions on how to make an easy crown of thorns with toothpicks. Every time your child makes a sacrifice, he or she removes a toothpick from the crown!
Toothpick crown of thorns
Make a sacrifice for Jesus, then remove a thorn from his crown
I also have a small and super easy version of a crown of thorns for sacrifices that is great for doing with a whole classroom.
Molding clay crown with toothpick thorns

Sacrifice Bean Activity

Another option is sacrifice beans! For every sacrifice your child makes, he or she places a bean in the jar. Easy to make your own, and this post also includes a free printable. 
Sacrifice beans for lent with free printable

Lenten Home Altar For All 40 Days

I love having a home altar for Lent, and I also have directions for setting up a beautiful Lenten home altar for just $10!
Make a dollar tree Lented display

More 40 Days Of Lent Activities 

Check out this free printable craft for counting down the 40 days of Lent from Jesus Without Language. So cool!
Cardboard spiral with 40 holes and cross
Pondered in my Heart made a Merciful Cross, the idea being that you cover the cross by the end of Lent with flowers representing sacrifices and works of mercy. Get the details here.
Cross covered in craft flowersYou know the awesome tradition of an Advent wreath? Well, Lent has its very own version, and it’s called a Lenten candle cross. Same concept- add one candle per Sunday, counting down the weeks to Easter. We love this tradition! 

Jesus statuette with candles

Check out this days of Lent printable paper chain from Real Life At Home. Each day prints with a Lenten activity idea! 

Purple Paper Chains

Here is another version of a Lenten paper chain- with prayers! This one comes from Sara J Creations and I love how colorful it is!

Lenten Prayer Chain

This printable Lenten resolution tracker is perfect for the 40 days of Lent! One color for every day that you are successful, another color for each day that you didn’t quite meet your goal. 

Give up something for lent  and visually track your progress

This 40 days of almsgiving craft is fun and perfect for littles! Each day one coin comes out and goes in the offering box. 

Purple paper cross with coins inside

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This printable good deed tracker is a super easy way to encourage extra sacrifices and good deeds during Lent. Also, it’s free to print!

Cross with shapes colored inside and visual key

This is a free printable sacrifice with St. Therese pack that is very interactive for kids and perfect of the Lenten season.

Sacrifice with St. Therese

Have you heard of a Jesse Tree during Advent? Well, there is a similar tradition for Lent, and it’s called a Jesus tree! Catholic Sprouts has an affordable printable version of a Jesus tree, so check that out here.

Cross with patches

Catholic Inspired has this really cool (and free) Lenten Sacrifice Tree craft. I love this concept!

Carry your crosses without complaint

Kinder-Craze has this adorable and colorful good deed tracker for Lent. 

My Lenten good deeds chart

This free Lent printable from Look To Him And Be Radiant is great for encouraging more prayer, fasting, and sacrifice in kids.  

Paper with holder cutout and paper slips inside

You’ll find all of my Lenten resources for kids here
More Lenten Resources for Kids


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