Celebrating The Entire Easter Season With Catholic Kids- All 50 Days!

All the Easter crafts, snacks, games, books, etc. couldn’t possibly all happen on actual Easter Sunday- it’s too much! But that’s ok because the Church, in her infinite wisdom, granted an entire season of Easter that lasts for 50 days, all the way through Pentecost! 

The secular (cultural) world tends to celebrate Easter during Lent up until Easter Sunday, and then packs up all the bunnies the next day. However, we as Catholics know that the day after Easter is Easter Monday, and only the second day in a 50 day Liturgical season. 

So in my opinion, anything you do to celebrate Easter after actual Easter day to keep the season going… is religious. I’m talking about even things that are just cute like flowers, bunnies, eggs, chicks, etc. I think it’s all “religious” after Easter because it’s us, as Christians, celebrating this entire season that the risen Jesus was walking around on Earth as Easter- because it is.

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Printable For The Easter Season

Before we jump into the 50 ways to celebrate the Easter season, I wanted to share this Sundays of Easter countdown bunting with you! You hang an egg for each Sunday in Eater (there are 8) and move the little Jesus along as you go to keep track of which week you’re on. This begins with Easter Sunday, and ends with Pentecost.

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Here are 50 Ways To Celebrate These 50 Days the Easter Season!

  1. Display a resurrection set! Just like you have a nativity set during Christmas, have a resurrection set and display it somewhere prominent during the Easter season. Don’t have one? Make one! I have a printable resurrection set for free here, and a paid download to make your own Resurrection peg doll set here. Keep it out through Pentecost.
  2. Make your own Pascal candle, or get a white candle blessed by your priest. Light it each night at dinner through the Easter season.
  3. Decorate your house for Easter. It’s not too late- it’s exactly the right time! Read all about having a Paschal candle at home here.
  4. Teach your kids to say “He is Risen” and then the person responds “He is risen, indeed!” and proclaim this as a greeting to them through the Easter season. Kids love this kind of simple stuff, and it’s no extra work for you!
  5. Print my special Easter countdown calendar to keep track of all the days as they count down the Pentecost. It’s free, and you can’t beat that!
  6. Hang 50 eggs, 1 for each day of Easter. This could be on an Easter tree, on an egg garland, or however else you can imagine it. And those plastic eggs are so cheap- this is a great idea!
  7. Display the word “Alleluia” prominently in your home during this season.
  8. Be sure to point out to your kids that word “Alleluia” has been missing from the mass during Lent, and now it is back. My Picture Book of the Mass is a great tool for learning things like this about the Mass!
  9. Make cross crafts. There are unlimited colorful and fun ideas for this! Do it!
  10. Make empty tomb crafts. Fun and totally Easter centered!
  11. Include an extra daily family prayer for all 50 days of Easter.
  12. Learn about the Jelly Bean prayer, and print your own jelly bean prayer here.
  13. Go to confession for Divine Mercy Sunday for a plenary indulgence. Read more about this here.
  14. Pray a Divine Mercy Novena– this actually starts during Lent, so you have to be on top of your game to pull this one off. 😉
  15. Learn about lambs as an Easter symbol and make a lamb craft.
  16. Given that butterflies are a symbol of the resurrection (like Christ arose from the tomb, the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon) you can raise and release butterflies during the Easter season!
  17. Learn about the Stations of Light (or “Stations of the Resurrection”) to see what all happened between Jesus rising from the dead and Pentecost. There’s a lot of stuff! This is the Easter equivalent of the Lenten Stations of the Cross. I highly recommend this one!!!
  18. Make a bunny craft! Yes, that’s right. Bunnies. On Catholic Icing. For Easter. They are a symbol of new life because they have offspring in abundance.
  19. Have a special symbolic tea party with foods representing the Stations of Light. My kids and I love having these symbolic tea parties!
  20. Because the stone was rolled away from the entrance of the tomb on Easter, do some stone paintings to keep this in mind. Kids love painting rocks.
  21. Bake bread (Risen Jesus reveals himself in the breaking of the bread) Read this scripture to your kids while you eat the bread. Luke 24:13-35
  22. Eat fish for dinner, or make these goldfish cracker treats for “casting your nets” (Risen Jesus eats fish with the disciples on the shore of Tiberius) Read this scripture to your kids while you eat. John 21:1-14
  23. Learn about chicks as an Easter symbol- they are new life that pops out from an egg! Do a fun Easter chick craft or eat peeps.
  24. Go on a walk (The disciples meet Risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus). At some point during the walk, take a break and read the story from the Bible to your kids. Luke 24:13-35
  25. Take up Bible Journaling during Easter. This is super fun and I have found that children love it!
  26. Learn about St. Mary Magdalene! She is so important to the Easter story that she deserves some attention this time of year. She also has a great legend including her and the first Easter egg! Learn the story, then dye eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, or do any egg craft or activity. You can find tons of St. Mary Magdalene resources here.
  27. Sing the Alleluia song! Sing any Alleluia song! Also, sing any Easter song. And never stop singing. 🙂
  28. Learn about and celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, as this is the second Sunday in Easter. All of my Divine Mercy resources are here.
  29. Pray a Divine Mercy chaplet as a family. It’s easy to learn and goes much faster than a rosary.
  30. Learn the story about doubting Thomas needing the feel the nail holes in Jesus’ hands, then eat any food with a hole in it- like a doughnut.
  31. Flowers are often a symbol for Easter! New life comes from the seeds beneath the ground. Also, you can celebrate St. Therese’s canonization day which is May 17 (and her nickname was the “little flower”) with a flower craft! Or put white carnations (or other flowers) into water with food coloring and watch them turn colors as they absorb the color over several days. Or press some small flowers in a book.
  32. Start reading the Bible together as a family each day during Easter. I have guidance for getting started with this here.
  33. Read about the good shepherd and make this free printable good shepherd craft.
  34. The Easter season is the perfect time to set up a family home altar, especially if you’ve never had one before!
  35. Bake Easter sugar cookies! If you’re not feeling up to the kitchen mess, get the pre made ones for decorating, or get the slice and bake. Kids love any of these choices, so don’t over do it.
  36. May always falls during the Easter season, so make a May altar for celebrating our mother Mary! Or bring flowers to Mass with you and have the kids place them by the Mary state at your church.
  37. Read your favorite Easter picture books with your children. If you don’t have any, start a small collection. It can build over the years of parenthood.
  38. Plant a garden! It could be a Mary garden, or new bulbs, flowers, whatever.
  39. Bake some Easter story cookies. Remember, all those little things that didn’t happen ON Easter Sunday… we are still doing them!
  40. Did you know peacocks are an ancient Easter symbol? Peacocks were originally believed to be incorrupt because their feathers stayed beautiful after their death, and therefore, became a symbol for Christ. Make a peacock craft in celebration!
  41. Make a resurrection garden. Repeat after me: It is NOT too late to do this. It is the perfect time during the Easter season.
  42. Pray the joyful mysteries of the rosary together as a family. Easter is certainly the perfect time for that!
  43. For sure celebrate Ascension Sunday! (This was historically celebrated on a Thursday, but most diereses move it do Sunday now, so check with yours.)
  44. Keep a jar of jelly beans in your kitchen (perhaps your good deed jar) and reward your kids with jelly beans for chores, being kind, taking initiative, etc. Or just “because”. You’ve spent Lent making sacrifices and fasting, so now celebrate during Easter!
  45. Bake resurrection rolls with your kids. These are sooooo easy to make if you use the canned crescent rolls, and they’re very comparable to cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
  46. Learn about the legend of the dogwood tree as an Easter symbol and make this dogwood flower craft.
  47. Easter lilies are a CLASSIC Easter symbol! Make these handprint lilies for a fun learning activity.
  48. I have a whole pinterest board where you can find a lot of good Spring themed crafts here.
  49. Don’t forget that Pentecost ends the Easter celebration, so be sure to check out these Pentecost crafts and activities for kids as well!
  50. For sure praying a Novena to the Holy Spirit the 9 days before Pentecost is a great way to end the Easter season!

One Activity For Each Sunday Of Easter

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Stations Of Light (Counterpart To Stations Of The Cross)

I highly recommend checking out my post on the Stations of the Resurrection for kids. This is an excellent focus during the Easter season.