Jesus Fish Craft- Bible Craft for the Letter F

We are continuing our Bible Alphabet craft series, and this week with my preschoolers, we learned about being fishers of men, and made a Jesus Fish craft for the letter Ff.

f is for jesus fish craft

Supplies Needed:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pony Beads
  • Masking Tape (optional to mark their names)

That’s it! This is a super simple craft. Kids love it, and it’s great for building their fine motor skills. You’d be surprised how young kids can learn to string beads onto pipe cleaners. It’s easy because the pipe cleaners are stiff. That being said, make sure to always supervise carefully anything you think a young child can choke on.

First, fold over a short piece at the end of the pipe cleaner and give it a twist. This is like tying a “knot” in the end of a string to hold the beads on. Give the kids the pipe cleaners and beads and let them go for it!

preschooler crafts

When their pipe cleaner gets nearly full (or they seem like they’ve had enough), twist it into a Jesus fish shape, and give the other open end another twisted “knot” (like the one you started with) to hold the beads on. You can also put a little piece of masking tape on it to write the children’s names on.

easy jesus fish craft for kids

Be sure to let them put whatever beads they want on. Notice that my kids were too young to really make patterns. I would encourage a class of 4-5 year olds to make a pattern, but my class is very young, so it’s just good if the beads get on the pipe cleaner. 😉

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I made one with pink beads right in the middle. When it was all done, I grabbed the 2 pink beads and gave the pipe cleaner a twist to make “lips”. Just an example of how the craft can become a little more interesting for older kids.

jesus fish bible craft for kids

easy jesus fish craft for preschoolers

You can find my set of Bible Alphabet crafts here.

I also have a fun round up of fish crafts for kids here that include ideas for all age group, so check that out!

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  1. Faye @ Beauty Against the Beast says

    This is a really cute bible craft idea!

  2. JoyfulAngell says

    Cute! My almost 3-yr-old is interested in a ‘learning time’ so we’ve started a very basic ‘homeschool’ routine playing with letters and numbers. I’m adding this fun craft to the mix! 🙂

  3. Thank you for this craft! It is cute & simple! I have a ton of pony beads & I’m looking for ways to use them! Xoxo