Yes Lord Craft for CCD or Sunday School

Catholic ABC’s Week: 29
Letter of the week: Y
Theme: Saying Yes to God!
Saint of the Week: St. Yolanda
Craft: ‘Yes Lord’ thumbs up craft

I am nearing the end of the alphabet with the letter “Y”. I can’t believe I’m almost finished! 🙂 Y was a harder letter to “craft” than I thought it would be, but I’m very happy with this “Yes, Lord” craft I came up with. I was first introduced to the “Yes, Lord” song as a high school youth conference, so it always makes me smile.

This is a very simple craft to make. Just have your child trace their hand, and help them cut it out if necessary. Fold the fingers back to glue it into a thumbs up “Yes”, and add a cross. Write “Yes, Lord” with a marker, and tape a string or pipe cleaner on the back to make it into a hang-able ornament.

Here’s another variation I made that includes the
sign language “L” for Lord as well.
Just be sure that when you trace your hand the thumb
is sticking up nice and high! 🙂
Grab Bag Ideas for the Letter Y: (be sure to check out the Classroom Script
for directions on using the grab bag.) anything yellow, boat (for yacht), yard sale sign, yard stick, yarn, yearbook, yeast package, yield sign, yo-yo.
For More Resources, check out the Catholic Toolbox lesson plans for the Letter Yy.
Catholic ABC’s runs here at Catholic Icing every Wednesday with the new
letter of the week. You can find the details of the program here.

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  1. Lacy, Does “regular” school glue work on this or did you use hot glue? Thank you so much for your help! We’re doing “Y” next month for our Catholic ABC’s class!

    • You could use either for this. The school glue will take awhile to dry- I think I remember that’s what we used. If you use hot glue and your glue gun is one of those that gets really hot, you could melt the foam so be careful. 😉

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