Printable Trinity Shamrock Craft- Perfect Craft For St. Patrick’s Day!

We crafted shamrocks and added this printable to turn them into Trinity shamrocks. You just print 2 sided, fold, and open! Check it out. printable trinity craft for St. Patrick's day that folds open Each time that you fold the printable out, it reveals a new person of the Holy Trinity with a symbol, and it also reveals a prayer to them at the same time. Watch this shot play of the printable unfolding step by step. (Click picture to enlarge)

printable trinity booklet for kids- st

This printable Trinity fold-able can be used separately with no crafting involved! The end result is just a circle. Each one prints on just one piece of paper (front and back).

Of course… you guys know me. I really wanted it to be a craft. 😉 I made these with my preschool class for the letter “T” (for Trinity). I pre-cut shamrock shapes from white cardstock, and gave them yellow and blue paint that could mix to make green. If you do this, there must be just a few drops of blue paint for a puddle of yellow.

painting shamrocks with preschoolers- yellow and blue make green

For painting, we used a clothes pin holding a cotton ball. These were handier for very young children than foam brushes because there was no particular way they had to be turned to work.

paint shamrocks with preschoolers by mixing your own green paint

They are also wearing the world’s most amazing crafting aprons for children, available from ikea. Love these! (They don’t pay me or anything, but truly, I love these.)

So once they paint their shamrock, they can color and cut their little Trinity booklets, and glue stick them (folded up) to the middle of their shamrock. We also glue-sticked the shamrocks onto their choice of colored construction paper. Here they are the with printable Trinity booklets closed:

shamrock craft for preschool- teach the trinity

And here they are with their Trinity booklets open!

trinity shamrock craft for preschool

shamrock trinity craft- printable

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I love how this reveals a part of the prayer each time a part is folded back, and that it folds out into the shamrock shape. Mixing the yellow and blue to make green was really fun for my preschoolers as well!

Print your free Trinity booklets by clicking here. Remember to print them front/back! Cut them very carefully- do not cut the circles apart. You will have one single piece when you are done cutting. Fold the Holy Spirit dove over to the middle, then the cross, then the crown. If gluing it down, put glue on the back circle where it says “1 who + 1 who + 1 who = 1 what”. Let the other circles flap free.

printable trinity craft for kids

We also sang “The Trinity Song”, Tune of “Are You Sleeping”

(Can be sung in a round)

God the Father, God the Father.

God the Son, God the Son.

God the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit.

Three in one, three in one.

My kids also love to sing the “Father I Adore You” song in a round, which is also a song about the Trinity. We really enjoy rounds in general I guess!



  1. Love this! What a great way to explain the Trinity.

  2. Pat Harris says

    I have the Shamrocks ready to go! Your prayer circle will complete our project perfectly! I use your ideas to inspire me in my ministry. I have made you a line item in my new budget. I hope to be able to send support for your site in our new fiscal year. I’m sorry it can’t be sooner. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this! We just did this as a family and sang the round when we finished.

  4. Kelly Hatfield says

    Wow! Thank you very much for these ideas. This is a had concept to teach young children, you’ve helped me make it easier. Thanks!

  5. Lorena Wrotek says

    Is there a shamrock template that can be used for this project?

  6. Linda Hurst says

    Help. I can’t seem to printer order. I would like to order the resurrection in black and white. A nd the Shamrock booklet

    • Hi Linda –

      For printing out this printable, look for the link in the paragraph that looks like this:

      “Print your free Trinity booklets by clicking here. Remember to print them front/back! Cut them very carefully- do not cut the circles apart. You will have one single piece…”

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager