Religious Easter Basket Stuffers (Affordable Ideas!)

I like to include some religious items in my children’s basket each year, as I try to make as many aspects as possible point to the true meaning of Easter. I don’t have infinite money to fill their baskets with expensive things, so I wanted to share some affordable ideas for making a Christian-focused Easter basket for your kids. Check out these ideas for finding religious Easter basket stuffer ideas.  

Religious Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

A good thing to do when you’re shopping for Easter basket stuffers is to keep your eyes peeled because at many stores there are little religious treasures to be found among the hoards of bunnies! Also, be sure to keep Easter symbols in mind such as crosses, dogwood flowers, peacocks, lilies, and lambs. Anything you can find in a lamb rather than a bunny I consider a big win lol. 

Religious Basket Stuffers From The Dollar Tree

My favorite place to shop for cheap religious stuff is at Dollar Tree! They have religious stuff every year. The products will vary from store to store, but no matter where I have lived I have always found good religious Easter basket stuffers at the local Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Finds

You can see in the picture above that you can find chocolate crosses, religious breath mint tins, religious children’s books, flowers, and more for just a dollar! They often have religious stickers too. Be sure to check the school supply/craft stuff aisle and not just the Easter aisles. I always stock up on what I can find here first because I’m usually surprised at what I find!

Religious Basket Stuffers From Hobby Lobby

I always have pretty good luck finding Christian Easter basket stuffers at Michael’s and especially Hobby Lobby!

Hobby Lobby Finds
In the picture above you can see that Hobby Lobby also had chocolate crosses, lots of children’s Bibles and Easter picture books, sets of resurrection sets, bracelets, and plastic “eggs” in the shape of crosses! Also, check out that “Jesus Loves Me” bunny. So cute! Hobby Lobby stuff is usually affordable and often runs sales, so definitely go when Easter is on sale. They also have baking supplies and kid craft kits with religious Easter themes. This is always my number 2 spot to try and score some religious Easter basket stuffers!

Printable Religious Easter Basket Stuffers

Printing some stuff for your kid’s Easter baskets is an easy and cheap way to make sure there’s a little Jesus in there. 🙂
We love Catholic paper dolls! These make a great basket stuffer and are fairly affordable to download. 
Catholic Paper Dolls
Also, try printing some coloring pages and/or craft projects for your kids to do. These happy crosses are cheap to download and super easy to assemble. 
Paper Standee Crosses
This stand-up Jesus craft is easy and perfect for Easter! The black-and-white version is free to print. 
Paper Standee of Jesus
This jelly bean prayer printable will help turn those jelly beans towards the true meaning of Easter also! Check out this printable Jelly bean prayer for kids. It’s free!
Free Printable Jelly Bean Prayer
If you are interested in more printable Easter basket stuffers for Catholics, you HAVE to check out this list from To Jesus, Sincerely. It is a super exhaustive list of printable Catholic awesomeness! 

DIY Easter Basket Stuffers

This set of printable peg dolls for the resurrection would also be a great basket stuffer for your kiddos!
Printable Resurrection Set
You can make your own cross pops by melting jolly ranchers
DIY Cross Pops
Bake your own! That’s right, you can bake or make candies for your baskets if that’s your jam. Everything doesn’t have to come from the story.

Children’s Bibles As Easter Basket Stuffers

I love to include children’s Bibles in their Easter baskets and it helps build the home library.
Here are some of my favorite children’s Bibles for kids:

Children's Bibles

Also, you may want to check out these super cute and printable bible tabs! Each one is a symbol for something in that book, and they brighten up any bible instantly. 

Cutest Bible Tabs Ever

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I have a whole post with Catholic books that are perfect as Easter basket stuffers here.

Bibles in Easter Basket

I also have a round-up of our favorite Easter story picture books here. 

Catholic Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

There are a lot of things that you can consider putting in a Catholic kid basket. Here’s a list of a few ideas to get your cogs turning. 
  • Rosaries
  • Prayer cards
  • Prayer books
  • Crucifix or cross for their bedroom

Don’t miss these adorable Saint egg wraps from Shining Light Dolls. So cute!!!

Saints and Animals Eggs

Saints dolls- I love to give the kids Saint dolls of a favorite or patron Saint! Here are some really cute choices.

Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

You can find all of my Christ-centered resources for Easter here.

And you can find all of my Lenten resources for kids here.

Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!


  1. Oh, Lacy, I LOVE this post! I'll definitely be stopping by the Dollar Tree when we're in the "city" on Wednesday, and I so appreciate your giving us a heads up on what to look for. I'll be linking to this on one of my eventual roundups! Thank you for being such a blessing to the internet. :>)

  2. thank you for these great ideas!

  3. Cheryl Basile says

    Lacey, you have some great ideas here! Just wish our Dollar Tree carried those stickers. I've checked three different stores and no luck!

    Last year, I printed out the "Bible Friends" paper dolls from the website for my daughter's Easter basket. We printed them on magnet sheets and she plays with them on a cookie sheet or the refrigerator.

    Cheryl Basile

  4. Elizabeth says

    Ohh, thanks for all the tips, I always forget about Dollar Tree! A couple more suggestions: last year I got my daughter a Bible Stories coloring book at Walmart that even has pages for the Our Father and Hail Mary, and have often gotten Veggie Tales DVD's in their $5 movie bins.

  5. Great post, thank you! I can't wait to go shopping now.

  6. I found some cute Veggie Tales themed chocolates at Rite Aid for 88cents. My Dollar Tree had the stations stickers last year but I didn't know to look for the rosary and Lent ones…. Maybe they'll have them when I go this afternoon! Thanks for the great suggestions! I was just thinking about how hard it is to find good religious Easter stuff for baskets!

  7. David and Susan says

    Great finds! I will definitely be checking out the stickers and prayer books.

    I guess I'm the only one that feels like eating a cross is weird 🙂

  8. Vanessa VH says

    Just wanted to let your readers know that not all of the Dollar Trees have the Catholic sticker with the Easter stuff. Our had them on an endcap at the back of the store, near the toys and stationary…. I was so happy when I found them; I think I bought 6 packages, and am thinking of going back for more!!

  9. I was on Skype with my husband (because he's in Iraq) and he told me, "You need to go to the store and stock up on those sticker and books, because they'll last until we have kids!" 🙂 I thank God that I married an atheist who turned Christian on his own and now loves the Catholic faith even more than I do at times! He completely supports making holidays Christ-centered. I think bunnies are excellent (in fact it's my husband's nickname from me, so we have a lot of them for Easter), but I think it's important to keep the kids knowing what Easter is all about, and that isn't a large creepy bunny costume!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  10. Thank you for this great post. Just today my husband and I were talking about Easter baskets so I'll be sure to head on in to Dollar Tree for some great finds.

    I have another idea for the white chocolate crosses. I'm planning on buying a load for First Communicants this year, but since the box says Happy Easter I'll take them out of the box and place in a cellophane bag, tie with ribbon and a holy card and hand out as gifts. What a great religious gift that the kids will use(eat).

  11. Our Dollar Tree had the stickers too, but not with the Easter things. They were in the back, hanging on an endcap. Well, actually, I got them straight out of the box, before the clerk had a chance to put them out, lol.
    Awesome stickers!!!

  12. Thanks!

  13. Thanks for the ideas! About the cross as a cake decoration…I did that recently and it worked great!

  14. I've a question for you, ladies. Do you ever worry about buying food products from Dollar Tree? I don't normally do that–if I don't know the brand name–because of all the problems with out-of-the-country items. Am I worrying too much?

  15. faerieeva says

    Thank you so much for this tip. I just went to the dollar tree earlier today, and found the crosses and the praying hands and the inspiration eggs. Too bad that the Jesus ones were gone, but I got the Holy Spirit and the Lamb of God eggs for my boys.
    Dollar Tree also regularly has bible colouring or activity books.

  16. Sharon,
    I'm quite convinced you are not worrying too much! I loved this post, but the day we eat dirt-cheap, dyed food from China is the day I paint my walls with lead-based paint for fun. Grab the other stuff; skip the food. If I sound over-the-top; better safe than sorry. In the short-term, it won't kill you, but it is grossly unhealthy…

  17. jenniecourt says

    Thanks so much for the idea – I picked up the Chocolate cross for my CCD class for Easter presents!! JR

  18. Lacy, you're so awesome. what would I do without your great ideas and inspiration! you have a much better dollar tree than I do though. we have nothing religious as our dollar tree. 🙁 But I will definitely check out Michael's for those crosses.

  19. Self Taught says

    THANKS! I'm the director of a Sunday School and after reading your post I dashed to the Dollar Tree and went crazy. Can you believe that they were already sold out of the "religious eggs" but I stocked up on other items. The Dollar Tree store is a great tip.

  20. Trips to three different Dollar Trees finally yielded the stickers – great find!

  21. I bought a lot of them today! Thank you!

  22. You have great dollar stores in VA! Nothing like that in the ones I've been to up here in MA. Looking all over the place for my CCD students who will receive their First Reconciliation Saturday and First Communion next month.
    Love reading all your great ideas, thanks for sharing Lacy.

  23. Thanks, Lacy! Those crosses and praying chocolate crisp hands from Dollar Tree have become a tradition in my house. I just picked 3 up for another friend last week, as well. I just wish my Dollar Tree still carried those religious stickers! We had them here last year, and I SO loved them!

  24. Amazing that you found so much at the dollarstore and Michaels. I couldn’t find any nativity craft items at Michaels at Christmas, and was very disappointed.

    We love adding prayer cards, Veggie Tales movies, and Arch Books Bible Series (we have almost all of them now! They are so well written, for kids and adults alike, and only a few dollars each!) We have even bought little Bible figure/toys before, that the kids love to bring in their Church bags to Mass. ( has a great toy section)

  25. beverley Buckley says

    I was listening to 1310AM radio the other day and they mentioned Rainbow Resurrection Rolls and the Catholic website would have the recipe but I haven’t located it yet. could someone point it out where the location is for me please?

  26. I wish I could Christian stuff like the eggs and chocolate crosses in The Netherlands; all I see at the ‘dollar’stores here are endless Budhadecorations 🙁