How To Make Resurrection Eggs- 2 Dozen Ideas!

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If you’ve never heard of Resurrection Eggs, they are plastic Easter Eggs with different religious Easter symbols inside to help teach the Easter story to kids.

Making my own resurrection eggs was one of the first religious activities I ever did at home. This is great even for young preschoolers! Here are the things I put inside our first set of resurrection eggs.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

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  1. Palm Branch (Made out of a leaf from a fake flower arrangement. I just sliced “palm branches” into it with some scissors.)
  2. Soap (For when Jesus washes the feet of the disciples. I wanted to include this since feet are washed during the Holy Thursday mass.)
  3. Cracker (For the last supper. Obviously a “biggie” for us Catholics 😉
  4. Flower (For when Jesus asked his apostles to stay awake with him in the garden. I wanted to include this since it is symbolic of the Catholic tradition of staying up in adoration Thursday night.)
  5. Dimes (For the 30 pieces of silver that Judas betrayed Jesus for.)
  6. Ropes (For bounding and arresting Jesus. I think this is a pretty crucial point for the story.)
  7. Crown of Thorns (I made mine from a twig I pulled from a tree in my front yard. Make sure you get a green one so it’s flexible enough to weave it into a circle. Don’t worry if it snaps in a few places when you’re weaving it- mine did, too. You could also use one of those “rosary rings” that looks like a crown of thorns.)
  8. Nails (For Jesus is nailed to the cross. I have found that masonry nails have a very square “Jesus” look to them.)What to Put in Resurrection Eggs
  9. Crucifix (Mine is from a broken rosary. You could also just stuff a whole rosary in there, or make a cross from toothpicks, but really. Who has kids and doesn’t have broken rosaries? Lol!)
  10. Sponge with Vinegar (I just whacked off a piece from my kitchen sponge.)
  11. Spices and Fabric (For preparing the body for burial. I just put some oregano in a ziplock bag and tied it off with a knot.)
  12. Stone (just a piece of gravel will do.)

There are all different symbols you can use to help you tell the Easter story to your kids! Here are some more ideas so you can easily put together a set with things you have available around your own house:

  • A Die (for the soldiers casting lots for Jesus’ garments)
  • Fur (for the donkey Jesus rode in on)
  • A Feather (for the rooster crowing)
  • A Thick String (for the scourging)
  • Small Piece of Wash Cloth (for washing of feet)
  • Small Cup (for when Jesus says “let this cup pass from me”)Things to Put in Resurrection Eggs
  • A Black Cloth (for when the sky went black)
  • Small Piece of Rose Bush Stem (in place of crown of thorns)
  • An Empty Egg (for the empty tomb)
  • Cloth (for finding empty burial cloths in the tomb)
  • Cotton Ball with Perfume (for the perfume Mary put on Jesus’ feet)
  • Purple Cloth (for the robes they wrapped Jesus in), and a Sign that says “King of the Jews”
  • Cross (made from popsicle sticks)
  • Jesus’ garments (made from felt and embroidery floss)

Things to Put in Resurrection Eggs

When you’ve collected your stuff, just put them all in some plastic eggs…

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Resurrection Eggs
Number your eggs with a permanent marker, and put them into an empty egg carton. This will help you tell the Easter story to your kids in order.
Make your Own Resurrection Eggs
For younger kids, take out one symbol at a time. Let them hold the pieces while you tell them each part of the story. For older kids, include a piece of paper in each one with an explanation, and a bible verse they can look up for that part of the story! You can also get 2 different books about Resurrection eggs- Benjamin’s Box, and Lily’s Easter party.
What Jesus did for us during this week of his life is so amazing! Share it with your children. Don’t just allow the true meaning of this amazing holiday to get lost in the Easter Bunny shuffle!
Here’s a picture of Lydia (my oldest) when she was 3 holding the
“crown of thorns” and pointing to the one on Jesus’ head 🙂
Lydia with Eggs
After using “Resurrection Eggs” for several years, we moved on to “Stations of the Cross Eggs”, which my children also love! Find directions for Stations of the Cross eggs here.
Resurrection Egg Stuffers

The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is sure to bless your family in the upcoming seasons! Read more now.

The Symbolic Holy Week and Easter Cookbook


Check out all of my faith-based Easter crafts and recipies for kids here!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!



  1. Love your site, love these projects and more than that, seeing this china plate the items are on brought back a flood of family memories. Every celebration meal we ever had over umpteen years in our family was celebrated with this set of China… was so special…..thanks for the memory jog this morning! God Bless!

  2. Oh I love these eggs, but haven't done them in a few years. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. This is such a wonderful idea. I always feel behind the ball when it comes to doing something meaningful for the various celebrations. This project will make me look like I am on top of it. Thanks!

  4. Melissa from MN says

    This is great for my youngins. I like the items you used, which I KNOW I have around the house. I might use these for the egg hunt, and have them put them in order as they find them.

    Thanks a bunch – again!

  5. For the past few years I have told the story of Holy Week by using the Resurrection Egg idea. I teach a 2nd Grade Religion class but instead of using eggs we glue or tape items onto a chart. The last "box" is for an empty tomb that I represent by cutting out one of the 12 cups from an egg carton. We also use a peice of bread, a dime, a thick rope, purple cloth, thorns, wooden cross, nails, sponge, toothpick (lance) and a rock.

  6. Love how you made yours! Great ideas! I linked to you today on my blog.
    We made these with our MOPS moms last week with one addition that I liked a lot: a picture of the child in the last egg (may need to make it a Baker's Dozen?)- to show and emphasis that Jesus did all these things just for YOU!

    blessings for a beautiful Holy Week!

  7. Well done! Thank you for sharing your eggs. I just got a set of the regular ones at Hobby Lobby 80% off and was so thrilled, but now I'm wishing I had your set instead!

  8. Teaching Heart Mom says

    Thanks for making my life of Sunday Lesson planning so easy!!! LOVE this blog and this post is so helpful!

  9. We leave our last egg EMPTY as in the “empty tomb” and Jesus’s resurrection!

  10. Lacy TThomas says

    That is a really COOL idea Michelle!


  11. i love this site 🙂

  12. Looks great!

  13. Don’t forget the empty egg. For His tomb was empty, too.

  14. Jennifer Zanoni says

    You are such a wonderful mom!Thank you for these resources.


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