Holidays In Handprints- A DIY Christmas Treasury For Catholic Children

I created a printable book that is a special Christmas treasury for Catholic kids, and the pages are illustrated by your child and his or her handprints. :-) (For those of you familiar with my products, it's the Advent/Christmas counterpart to Holy Week In Handprints.) Each handprint picture is designed to be loads of fun, and easy to replicate! Even the youngest of children can participate … [Read more...]

Free Printable Scripture Thanksgiving Handprint Craft

I've been working on a new project that I'm really excited about and I wanted to share a preview {and a freebie!} with all of you for Thanksgiving! So a handprint turkey is a classic, but I have mixed it here with a printable that includes a thankful scripture. It includes a scripture, in fact, that Catholics are going to instantly recognize from singing it in Mass their whole lives. :-) … [Read more...]

DIY Grace Before Meals Table Runner- the easy version!

Last year I made a bunch of table runners with the Catholic dinner prayer on them and I gave them out as Christmas presents. I used a faux batik technique, and they were beautiful, and I love them, but they were a lot of work. I got a lot of suggestions from my readers to try doing the same thing with a bleach pen, and I wanted to make a harvest colored one for Thanksgiving, so I gave it a whirl. … [Read more...]

Heirloom Draw-On Tablecloth: A Holiday Tradition Idea For Your Family

This tablecloth that we draw on is a family tradition my mom started last year, and it's been a huge hit! At holidays, my mom brings out her white tablecloth, along with a baggie of sharpie markers, and everyone adds a little bit to the tablecloth, along with their name and the year. It's really fun to add to, and also fun to see the pictures from holidays past! Updated To Answer … [Read more...]

Fall Suncatchers With Leaves- What To Do When The Iron And Wax Paper Don’t Work

Fall is upon us and the wonder of God's beauty is breathtaking! After all, HE is the best artist of all! Why not preserve a bit of that beauty with some Fall crafting? We've all done it- ironing leaves between wax paper. Unfortunately, it's something our parents remember, but... now-a-days wax paper is such absolute JUNK that it doesn't really work anymore. But that's ok. I'm going to tell … [Read more...]

Grace before Meals Craft for Kids

This is a great craft to do when you are teaching kids about saying grace before meals. We used the classic Catholic Dinner prayer for this craft. I found this craft idea over on the Catholic Toolbox along with other grace before meals activities for kids. Thanksgiving is a good time to do this craft, but it's always good to be thankful for your food. :-) Catholic Dinner Prayer: Bless … [Read more...]

Give Thanks Banner- A DIY Bunting for Thanksgiving

Here is a Thanksgiving craft from my past- a Thanksgiving banner that I made when I was a young. Isn't it cute? It has held up exceptionally well in my mom's attic! I asked her to share her secret for storing this Thanksgiving banner craft. She said she carefully folds is back and forth, then puts it inside a sealed freezer bag. That's it! The basic idea is that you spell out "Give … [Read more...]

St. Kateri Activity for Kids

Today, we have a guest post from my friend over at Catholic Deals, Liz. She made an adorable snack with her kids to celebrate Saint Kateri! St. Kateri's Native American Village   Materials needed: - Sugar or waffle ice cream cones - Chocolate candy melts - Pretzel sticks - Large tray - Frosting - Green and brown sugar - Dried papaya or orange candy for fire - Candies for … [Read more...]

Craft a Catholic Table Runner

Last year I made table runners with the Catholic dinner prayer on them as Christmas presents for everyone. These would be perfect to make in fall colors for your Thanksgiving table! Plus, if you're still looking for a homemade Christmas present idea, these were a hit! I was so behind on everything last Christmas that I didn't get pictures of them finished before I mailed them off. *Gasp!* I know, … [Read more...]

Religious Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Thanksgiving is coming up and I wanted to do a craft with my kids to help them reflect on the things that we are thankful God has given us. Plus, you guys all know what a sucker I am for handprint crafts, so how could I let Thanksgiving go by without making a turkey craft? ;-) All you need for this craft is an assortment of colored paper, scissors, a marker, a glue stick, and a thankful … [Read more...]