How To Pass On The Faith To Your Kids: Series For Catholic Moms

I started this series years ago, and now I am finishing it! It is a series for Catholic moms all about what the liturgical year is, how and why to live the liturgical year at home, how to build your own domestic church, and how to prioritize and choose what your family will be celebrating.

This series also covers topics such as why religious education is the responsibility of the parent, and gives you the tools you need to follow through with that privilege.

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Passing On The Faith: A Catholic Icing Series

I have a little teaser for each of these articles here, but definitely click the links to explore each of these topics in more depth! The way that we are successful in life is to have a vision, set a goal, and pursue that goal. So if you are serious about raising your children in the faith, it is definitely worth your time to have a clear vision and make a game plan, and I can help you do that!

How To Start Living The Liturgical Year – If you have ever wondered about living the liturgical year, but you feel overwhelmed or you’re not sure where to get started, you need to read this post! I promise it’s not as complicated as it seems and you can incorporate what works for your family. Let me help you take the first steps!

How To Set Up A Home Altar – This is not a complicated or a super official thing with lots of “rules”, it is just a place in your home to place some religious items and serve as a place to pray and possibly display some things that represent the current liturgical season. This post is going to walk you through starting a home altar, from choosing a simple location in your home to finding things to place there without breaking the bank.

6 Ways To Pass On The Faith – Sometimes, we don’t see the forest for the trees. Let’s take a step back, see the forest, and think of the simple ways that we pass on the Catholic faith to our kids day after day, week after week. We are, after all, in this for the long haul!

Leading By Example – Yes, it’s been proven time and time again that this “do as I say not as I do” stuff doesn’t work out. So how do you raise kids that read? Read in front of them. How do you teach them to talk in a kind tone? Use that tone with them. And how do we teach our children the faith? By living it out in our own lives before their very eyes.

Weaving The Faith – This is literally the theory that I founded Catholic Icing on. If we can weave our Catholic faith into the very fabric of our lives, we can incorporate it in a way that our children won’t even be able to remove it if they wanted to. Read the article to see what I’m talking about.

Religious Education: A Parent’s Responsibility – If you think that it’s your parish’s responsibility to keep your kids Catholic, think again! In this article I break down exactly what the Catechism says about raising and educating your children in the faith, and the information is actually a bit shocking!

How To Start Praying The Rosary With Kids – We can’t overlook the basics when raising our Catholic children! These are 10 great tips to get started praying the rosary with your littles, and I think you will find some useful info here even if you are a rosary veteran!

Getting Started With Reading The Bible As A Family – Sometimes, Catholics have a tenancy to overlook scripture reading in the home. If you haven’t grown up with this tradition, you may feel absolutely baffled as to where to start. Don’t worry! I am going to walk you through getting started, and it’s less overwhelming than what you’re picturing.

How To Celebrate Saint Feast Days– You can choose your family’s patron Saints, and this article will walk you through the process of celebrating these days step by step! This is a great way to live the liturgical year at home with your kids. 

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