Catholic How To Draw Videos (For FREE!!!)

This is the home of the Catholic Friday how-to-draw! Each Friday, I post a new how to draw video especially for Catholic kids. I also always sneak a little Catholic learning in while they draw, so it’s a very easy way for your kids to learn about the church and liturgical year!

If you want to be sure not to miss any how to draw videos in the future, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel! Subscribing to my channel also helps my videos reach other Catholic children because YouTube will weight the channel as more important, therefore ranking the videos higher. As always, I fully appreciate your support of Catholic Icing in every way! I hope these how to draw videos bless your children and your families.


Each of the following how-to-draw videos also has a coordinating coloring page for kids that just want to color and not draw it themselves, or for little siblings that aren’t quite ready for the drawing part themselves yet. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!

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I LOVE getting suggestions for the Friday how to draw videos AND I love seeing your completed pictures, so drop me a comment or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram to make a suggestion or submit your picture! After all, I need new ideas week after week. Hope your family enjoys the series!

Step By Step How To Draws For Kids


  1. Heidi Hernandez says

    What kinds of markers do you use to color in the Jesse tree ornaments?

    • Lacy uses Prismacolor markers. They’re not cheap, but they are really fabulous markers. (We also have them at our house and love them.) I hope that helps!

      Angie, Catholic Icing Project Manager

  2. We draw calendars every month to keep track of our saints…if you would draw pictures/symbols of saints and feasts that could be small enough to fit in the monthly squares that would be so cool! I was going to attach a picture of ours, but I couldnt figure out how…

    • Yeah, I wish people could share pictures here but you can’t. I love that idea! You can tag me in a picture on instagram or facebook if you want to share a picture. Great suggestion! Thank you!

  3. Rebekah Maxwell says

    Lacy, you are unstoppable! I can’t thank you enough for putting all of this amazing work out into the world for us Catholic moms. I am homeschooling two boys and we all LOVE your amazing ideas and we especially love your drawing videos!
    You are such a blessing to the Catholic world!
    God bless you!

  4. Emma-Jeanne Bergfels says

    I only found a printable on the Lenten Cross page, how do I access the printable of the videos for my special needs daughter
    oops, forget this, I found them, or at least a few of them, but quite sufficient for what I needed. Thank you so much.


    • Some of them are in the individual posts, but some of them haven’t been uploaded. Depends on the time I had that week.

  5. My daughter is requesting “how to draw an angel”

  6. We’d love to see Saint Thomas Aquinas and also Saint Matthew (the gospel writer). Thanks for considering!

  7. Christy Toben says

    I know it’s quite a few months away, but I was writing to see if you’d consider doing a Catholic icing drawing for Black Catholic History Month in November.

    I love your drawings, I use them all the time, and I’d love it if there was a guided drawing that could highlight this important time of remembering the gifts offered by the African-American Catholic Church. Our student population is 100% African-American, and I’m always looking to make sure they see artistic representations of holiness that look like them.

    Thanks so much for your consideration and if you’re willing to assist, I’d both love to share the video with the wider religious ed. community here in St. Louis and suggest a couple ideas.