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This is the home of the Catholic Friday how-to-draw! Each Friday, I post a new how to draw video especially for Catholic kids. I also always sneak a little Catholic learning in while they draw, so it’s a very easy way for your kids to learn about the church and liturgical year!

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Each of the following how-to-draw videos also has a coordinating coloring page for kids that just want to color and not draw it themselves, or for little siblings that aren’t quite ready for the drawing part themselves yet. Wouldn’t want to leave anyone out!

I LOVE getting suggestions for the Friday how to draw videos AND I love seeing your completed pictures, so drop me a comment or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram to make a suggestion or submit your picture! After all, I need new ideas week after week. Hope your family enjoys the series!

Step By Step How To Draws For Kids

How To Draw St. Teresa Of Avila– After getting many requests for more Saints, I have added some more! In this video you get to hear about St. Teresa’s special devotion to the child Jesus and how she carried around his statue as you draw and color this amazing Saint!

How To Draw The Miracle Of The Spinning Sun At Fatima– Listen to quotes from the news articles about this amazing public and worldwide miracle while coloring your spinning sun! Then feel free to turn it into an actual spinning sun craft!

How To Draw The Eucharist– This includes how to draw the chalice, host, grapes, wheat, and everything in a broken down step by step video. Great for First Communicants!

How To Draw The Sacred And Immaculate Hearts– This video goes through the symbolism of both the Sacred Heart of Jesus AND the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

How To Draw A Rosary– This one is so fast, fun, and easy! I break this down in easy to follow steps to easily draw a rosary that actually has the correct number of beads!

How To Draw A Trinity Shield– Your little ones can learn all about the Trinity while completing this simple yet meaningful drawing! I go into the symbols of each Person in the Holy Trinity, and how the Trinity shield helps explain some of the concept to you!

How To Draw A Marian Symbol– Whenever you are celebrating Mary with Catholic kids, this could be a fun symbol to add to your crafts and things!

How To Draw St. Kateri– Learn a few things about this very unique Native American Saint while drawing her. Kids love this one, and it’s easy to follow as well!

How To Draw The Seven Sorrows Of Mary– You can learn all about the biblical accounts of the sorrows of Mary while you complete this drawing.

How To Draw A Scapular– This is an easy little drawing and will help teach your kiddos about the devotion of the scapular.

How To Draw The Vatican Flag– Did you know that the Vatican flag is only 1 of 2 official flags in the world that is actually a square? I bet there are a lot of symbols you don’t know about on the Vatican flag! You can learn them all as you follow along on this Catholic draw-n-learn video!

How To Draw A Fun Shooting Cross– a totally fun and colorful drawing activity for kids.

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