Liturgical Tea Parties- Celebrating The Liturgical Year With Kids

I absolutely love having liturgical tea parties with my kids! Tea parties are so quick and easy to pull together. They can be fancy or they can be simple, but no matter what the kids always have an amazing time. Today I’m going to share with you all the liturgical teas I have posted so far, and you can keep checking back because I am always adding more. Also, be sure to check out all of my resources for living the liturgical year with your kids, because it’s kinda my jam. 😉

Liturgical tea parties are one of my favorite ways of celebrating with kids for several reasons, and I want to tell you why.

  • Liturgical tea parties are so easy for moms!!! The finger foods at tea parties are hardly ever even cooked so celebrate the easiness behind this brilliant idea!
  • With tea it’s always a party! I mean seriously, serve some sandwiches for lunch and then put some tea beside it and voila! Now it’s a party 😉
  • You don’t need extra people. Unlike other “parties”, you don’t need a lot of guests to make a tea party work. I hear from Catholic mothers a lot that they are lacking community, but the tea parties you can do totally on your own. In fact, if you have a really big crowd I do not recommend a tea party. Have a different kind of party. 

Top Tips For Throwing A Liturgical Tea Party

These little ninja tips for throwing a liturgical tea party will help them feel extra special to your kids without too much work for mom. Here are my top tips for celebrating in your home. 

  • Tablecloth. Put down a table cloth if you have one. If you don’t, put down a sheet. It just makes it a little special and different for kids. 
  • Centerpiece. I like to use flowers on the table if I have any access to any. You can even cut them from your yard. However it can also be cool to try and find something that matches the theme, like a statue your family already has. Candles are always another staple to fall back on. You can also use printable crafts or pieces of clothing… be creative! The centerpiece also helps your tea party be a little more fancy. 
  • Symbolic Food. This doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as easy as saying well… it’s St. Patrick’s day so the food is green. Or it’s St. Valentine’s day so I cut the sandwiches with a heart shaped cookie cutter. There are lots of ideas for this type of stuff in the links below.
  • Read To Them. When I homeschooled my kids, we had a tea party for lunch every Wednesday, and I called them “poetry teas”.  And I simply read poetry to them while they ate. But when we have liturgical tea parties, I try to read something related. So sometimes that’s poetry, but usually not. It could be a picture book about that Saint or feast day, and they’re a captive audience during the tea. The kids love that I read to them!
  • Dress Up! This one is totally optional, but we find this to be really fun! Sometimes it’s just color matching (like blue for a Mary feast day) or the girls like to put on a dress or something. But for some of our tea parties we go all out like for All Saints’ day and also for our annual Nutcracker teas that we have! So yes, this can make the tea parties even more fun. 

Liturgical Tea Parties For Specific Feast Days

So now you can see some of our specific tea parties to help get your creative juices flowing! 

Easter tea party

Holy Thursday Last Supper Tea

Symbolic Lent tea

St. Patrick’s Day tea party

Saint Valentine’s Day tea party

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All Saints’ Day Tea Party

Epiphany Tea Party

And even though I said at the beginning of this post that tea parties are for smaller crowds (like maybe just your family) we love tea parties so much here that we threw one for a lot of people for Lydia’s first communion! You can see her first communion tea party here.

Good Recipes For Liturgical Tea Parties:

Here are some great recipes to use when putting together your tea parties!

World’s most delicious cookies ever: These are our favorite cookies and they can be made in any color to match liturgical seasons or feast days.

The Symbolic Holy Week & Easter Cookbook is sure to bless your family in the upcoming seasons! Read more now.


  1. I love this idea!!!

  2. Ashleigh Zyrowski says

    I totally had an epiphany tea party per your suggestion. My 8 year old said it was the best epiphany ever!!