Burning Bush Craft for Preschoolers- Bible Craft for the Letter B

Check out my whole Bible Alphabet crafts series here, based on my original series Catholic Alphabet crafts found here.

For the letter B this week at co-op, we learned about Moses and the Burning Bush. I always have trouble finding crafts that young preschools can actually do themselves. My class this year is made up of 1 and 2 year olds. I like to find something they can do because I like them to have ownership in it. It’s silly when grown ups just make the crafts for them.

When I found this craft at Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities (a great source for Bible crafts, by the way), I knew it was just right for my young group!

burning bush bible craft for kids

The bush is provided as a print-out for the children, and the fire is basically added with a blow paint technique in watercolors. You can find complete directions here. I am not a member of her resource room, so I painted my own bush pattern. (An older class should be able to draw their own bush and color with crayons first. Then the watercolors would resist the crayon.)

The only thing I would add to the “how-to” of this craft is to test it first and make sure the ink from you printer doesn’t run. We have a laser jet, so it was fine, but if you have an ink jet, you might want to try it out before bringing this activity to class.

Here are the kids working away!

burning bush sunday school craft for preschool

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burning bush sunday school activity

That’s my Anabelle on the left. Isn’t she a doll baby? She looks so serious. 🙂

burning bush craft for preshcoolers

So there you have it. A Bible craft for the letter B. This series will continue with one craft each week until we get all the way through the alphabet.

Check out my whole Bible Alphabet crafts series here, based on my original series Catholic Alphabet crafts found here.

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  1. I’d love to use this craft with my preschool co-op! Are you sharing the template for the bush? Or should we be drawing our own? Thank you!

    • No, I won’t be sharing the template of the bush. I didn’t feel right about that since the other lady charges for her. Sorry. 🙁

  2. Carolyn Warvel says

    Thanks for giving Danielle’s Place credit for this craft and the link back to my site. When I include a pattern with my crafts I always say to print them out and make copies because most printers use water soluble ink. If you make copies on your church copier, you won’t have to worry about this. Plus it is much cheaper than printing with an ink jet printer. If you prefer to print out everything at home, I would suggest investing in a black and white laser printer. It is much, much cheaper to print with these. The ink cartridges cost about $80.00 but you can print thousands of copies without having to replace them. I love mine and avoid printing with my ink jet unless I absolutely have to. I prefer printing out my class displays in black and white and just coloring them to printing them in color. It’s more time consuming, but much cheaper.