Preschool ABC Snack Ideas- Cooking Our Way Through The Alphabet

For Violet’s pre-k year, I wanted to include some one on one “cooking” time with me as our Charlotte Mason life skill/ handicraft for her. We’re incorporating this into my Catholic ABC’s curriculum by making alphabet snacks for the letter of the week!

cooking with preschoolers a-z

It was important to me that Violet could be very involved in the preparation of each snack.  Therefore, the importance here was placed more on our quality time and skills rather than the finished project, the ease of project, or the cuteness of the idea. Kinda contrary to “normal blogging”, but hey, this is real life. 😉

In this post, you’ll find pictures of all the ABC snacks we’ve made so far, along with links to some other fun food we’ve made that could be used as alphabet snacks if you’re searching for more ideas. Bon Appetite!

A is for Angel Cookies– Violet really wanted to make angel cookies, and even though these are a bit more work than I intended to put into these cooking activities, it was a great way to start the year off with a bang. Find the full directions here.

letter a snack for preschool

More letter A snack ideas- Angel Treats, Advent Wreath Doughnuts,  Angelic Halos, St. Ambrose Honey Treats

B is for Brownies– we made these simply from a box mix. Baby sister was jealous of the cool stirring job, so Violet graciously let her take a turn. Enjoy with milk!

letter b snack- brownies

More letter B snack ideas- Bible Treats,  St. Bernadette’s Firewood

C is for Cake- Violet wanted to make chocolate cake with chocolate icing. We used a box mix for the cake, and made ganache from scratch, which she actually did most of. I also let her ice the cake herself.

letter c snack- cake

More letter C snack ideas- Cross Pops, Cross (or Calvary) Sandwiches, Communion Cookies, Crown of Thorns Crackers, Crown of Thorns Bread,

D is for Doughnuts– we made these using a can of cheap pop biscuits. Violet cut holes in the doughnuts using a plastic bottle cap. I fried the doughnuts in a pan for a few minutes, turning half way. Then I placed them in a bowl, and tossed them in powdered sugar. She then sprinkled some of them with cinnamon, and some pumpkin pie spice. They were D-licious! 😉

letter d snack for preshool

More letter D snack ideas- Dr. Gianna Soda, Divine Mercy Sundaes

E is for Elephant Ears- we did an easy microwave version of this popular fair food (possibly better known as a “funnel cake” but don’t say that to the letter “E”) 😉 Violet used scissors to cut the tortilla shells into strips, then used our bbq brush to put on a layer of melted butter. We were out of powdered sugar, so we dusted them with chocolate milk powder, and microwaved for 15 seconds.

letter e snack- microwaved elephant ears

More letter E snack ideas- Rainbow Eggs, Empty Tomb, Easter Story Lunch, Eagle Pop and Eagle Quesadilla

F is for Fish- we made fish in net snacks with pretzels, Hershey kisses, and goldfish crackers. Violet was able to do almost all of this, and even Anabelle could help. Find the full directions here.

cooking with preschoolers- alphabet snacks

More letter F snack ideas- St. Francis’ Friends

G is for Gumdrop Garden- find this cute flower food craft here!

preschool snack for letter g- gumdrop garden

More letter G ideas- Dr. Gianna Soda, Grotto

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H is for Heart– we made sugar cookies from a bag mix, and I let Violet do it all by herself! She rolled them, cut them, and even decorated most of them. I helped out with just a few. This stuff isn’t meant to be Pinterest worthy, so I just let her go crazy! 🙂

preschool alphabet snack- h is for heart

More letter H ideas- Heart Cookies, Heart (not) Cookies,  Heart Cinnamon Rolls

We have’t finished our alphabet of snacks yet, but I’ll be updating this post as the year goes on. Here are some ideas from years past for you in the mean time. 🙂

I- Immaculate Heart Cookies, St. Isadore’s Pumpkins

J- St. Joseph Cake, Jello Jewel Cake, St. Joseph Fig Treats, Baby Jesus Cookies, Jesus Birthday Cake,  St. James’ Fish

K- St. Kateri Tee Pees,

L- St. Lucy Buns, Easy St. Lucy Buns,

M- Mary Grotto

N- Fish Net Cookies, St. Nicholas Coins, Nativity Cookies, St. Nicholas Treats

O- St. Cecilia’s Organ

P- Pentecost Cake, Pretty Pretzels, Pentecost Sundaes, Prayer Pretzels


R- Rainbow Rolls, Rosary, More Rosaries

S- Saint Cupcakes, Strawberry Milk, Sacred Heart Cookies, Stigmata Sandwiches

T- Tee Pees, Tonsure Treats,

U- Unleavened Bread

V- St. Valentine Hearts,  Veggie Tales Cakes, Vatican Flag Pretzels

W- Wine Cup O Jello,






  1. Ellen Crombie says

    Love it! When we were doing Preschool ABCs I tried to incorporate a dinner one night a week with the letter of the week. For example:
    A – Almond encrusted fish, green beans Almondine, and Apple salad
    B – Beef Burgers on Buns with Baked Beans and Broccoli salad with Bacon
    C – Chicken Caccitore, Cauliflower, and cucumbers
    D – Deviled chicken Drumsticks, veggie Delight, Dessert

    And so on… I would recommend to any mom doing this with an older child to write down your ideas – either in a notebook or in your curriculum book to remember for future children. My kids’ favorite by far was the letter “P.” We had a big “P” party with our friends for lunch that day with Pepperoni Pizza, Pretzels, Popcorn, Punch, Pineapple, Peppers, and Peanut butter Pops for dessert. My 10-year-old still remembers it and she was six at the time! Another idea is to take a saint with a name that starts with the letter you are studying and either make a snack with him or her in mind, OR from their home country. For example, St. Brigid’s bread, or Irish scones. 🙂 Happy Alphabet cooking!

    • Great idea! Although you’d have to know that I’m not a cook at all, and that almond encrusted fish is NEVER going to happen here- lol. But I could do H is for hamburger helper, and S is for spaghetti! 😉