Advent Saints- December Feasts Days To Celebrate With Kids

There are plenty of feast days to celebrate with Catholic kids during Advent to really enhance your time with your family and turn it towards the true meaning of the season. You can click each day (well, most of them anyway) to go to all of my resources about that feast day. You'll find tons of crafts, activities, printables, and more for celebrating these Advent Saint feast days! I guarantee that … [Read more...]

How To Draw Advent Saints (St. Lucy, Our Lady Of Guadalupe, & St. Nicholas)

Well I am really starting to love these how to draw videos as I am going with this project- they seem to be getting more fun by the week! I was thinking about how popular the "How To Draw Saints" video was for All Saints' Day, and it occurred to me that ya'll might enjoy an Advent version. My family just loves to celebrate the December Saint feast days, so this seemed like the perfect idea. So … [Read more...]

The Advent Song for Kids

This song was written and submitted by a reader, Alexandra Montano, and it is so cute! I love singing little songs with Catholic kids, and kids remember things so well when they are in songs. Insert something really smart and Scientific here about why that is true. lol. My kids love singing this Advent song and I hope your kids enjoy it, too! Be sure to check out the rest of my Advent resources … [Read more...]

Catholic How To Draw: Advent Wreath

This week for my Catholic how to draw video, I shared how to draw an Advent wreath! I am really excited about this one, as I think kids will really enjoy learning how to draw an Advent wreath step by step. Also, when kids draw things themselves, it helps them remember. So after they draw this, they may remember how many candles an Advent wreath has, what color they are, etc. I planned it out to … [Read more...]

Advent Wreath Crafts For Kids (The Ultimate List!)

Advent is a great time to celebrate with kids! Sometimes it's hard to find good Advent crafts because the world just seems to move straight from Halloween to Christmas, but having an Advent wreath in our home is one of our favorite family traditions for living the liturgical year! I also love to take the time to make Advent wreath crafts with kids because when kids make it themselves, it becomes … [Read more...]

How To Draw A Monstrance

I was trying to decide what to draw for my weekly Catholic how to draw video, and Lydia suggested a monstrance! And ya'll... when your 13 year old has an interest in something you're doing, you take that suggestion! lol! So this week I bring you... how to draw a monstrance, step by step for Catholic kids.  You can find all of my Catholic how-to-draws here, and be sure to check … [Read more...]

New Online Community For Catholic Moms (AND A Flash Sale!)

I am super excited to announce that today is opening day for an all new online community for Catholic moms! It's called The Faith Weavers, A Community Of Catholic Moms Living The Liturgical Year. The name was chosen based on this post I wrote about weaving the faith into your every day lives with your kids.  I am launching this group with a fantastic bunch of amazing Catholic mothers, … [Read more...]

All Saints’ Day Coloring Page AND How To Draw Video

I am so excited about All Saints' day this year! I have been drawing Saints for my weekly Catholic how to draw videos for the past few weeks (per ya'lls requests) and today I am sharing an extra special how to draw with you! This drawing was designed especially with All Saints' day in mind and is aimed towards teaching kids what Saints really are. Also, if you happened to miss last week, … [Read more...]

EASY Home Library System (Using Stickers!)

I love keeping a large collection of  picture books at home for my kids, especially religious and seasonal picture books! At some point in my homeschooling journey, I realized that my home library wasn't getting utilized to its full potential because if the books aren't organized, they're impossible to find at the right times. So I set out to put a new system in place for our children's books- a … [Read more...]

How To Draw Saint Pope John Paul II (And A Free Coloring Page!)

Ya’ll have been requesting for videos for how to draw the Saints, and today I am bringing you another one! Today you get St. JPII, and his feast day is coming up fast… October 22! Are you ready? I come out with a whole new Catholic how to draw video each Friday, so be sure to subscribe to the Catholic Icing YouTube channel! You can find all of my Catholic how-to-draws here, and be sure to … [Read more...]