How to Make Rainbow Resurrection Rolls for Easter

For extra fun at Easter, we like to make surprise rainbow resurrection rolls! These are rolls made with marshmallows in the middle. When the marshmallow melts away, an “empty tomb” is left in the middle of the roll, which is a fun way to bring religion into Easter for kids. Last year, we spiced it up a little and made rainbow resurrection rolls! You can find all of my holy week food ideas for kids here.

Rainbow resurrection rolls for Easter on a white background.

Many Ways To Make Resurrection Rolls

This post goes through how to make resurrection rolls with canned crescent rolls, but I have several different versions of empty tomb rolls you can check out here

Resurrection Rolls Using Peeps

You guessed the secret ingredient behind this version of resurrection rolls… Easter Peeps!

Rainbow colored peeps in packages.

I love all the cute peep stuff you see floating around this time of year! They are so colorful and fun!

Child with rainbow-colored peeps in a kitchen.

First, cover your pan with foil (unless you want to spend a lot of unnecessary time scraping melted marshmallows off of it later). Then, place 1 peep on each crescent roll.

Yellow, green, and blue Peep marshmallows on crescent roll dough for resurrection rolls.

Wrap the crescent rolls around the peeps, and pinch tightly. It’s so easy, a child can do it.

Child wrapping peeps into crescent roll dough on a baking sheet.

Bake according to package directions or until golden brown. Allow to cool.

Baked resurrection rolls on a wired baking rack.

What happens when we cut them open?…

Person cutting resurrection roll.

They’re all holding a surprise inside!

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Colorful resurrection rolls with peeps.

Colorful Resurrection Rolls, here we come!

Pink resurrection roll for Easter

These were very quick and easy to make. Although we make our Easter story cookies on Holy Saturday, we made these Empty Tomb Rolls after returning from Easter Sunday Mass and then ate them with brunch. Looking forward to making them again this year once we’re finished observing Lent. 🙂

Rainbow resurrection rolls for an Easter treat

Resurrection Rolls Recipe Printable With Story

I have a brand new download to help you make resurrection rolls with your kids in a meaningful way! The complete directions are included and mixed in with the story you tell your kids while you work. It’s so easy to have this all available on your paper as you are making the rolls. The pack also comes with a bonus recipe card and a table display card. Now, no matter where you bring and serve your resurrection rolls, everyone will know the symbolism behind them! 

Note: this resurrection rolls download is already a part of my Symbolic Holy Week And Easter Cookbook for families. So if you already have my cookbook, you already have access to this! 😉

Pictures of bread, palms, and a cross on a purple background entitled "The Symbolic Holy Week and Easter Cookbook".

But if you want just the resurrection rolls recipe printables, I do sell them separately from my Holy Week cookbook. I love how they include all the story mixed in with the process of how to make the rolls as well as a recipe card and a table display card. Get your pack now!

Resurrection rolls recipe print out.

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Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!



  1. So cute! You have the best ideas! Have a blessed Easter!
    from The Dugout

  2. Lacy – this is so cute! Do you have printable instructions for this? Would love to hand out to kids in our Sunday program to do at home with their families

  3. Can you do these the night before? Will they still be good in the morning? Was going to make them for the kids in my MOPS group but that is 70 kids.

  4. I am making with MY family. I would like to know when next Link-up is?

    • I haven’t actually hosted a link-up in awhile, have I? Don’t know exactly when I will, but I really should get back into this. 🙂

  5. I just bought 5 different colors of the Peeps bunnies yesterday. Can’t wait to bake these with the kids on Holy Saturday. I made these 3-4 years ago with the regular marshmallows and they were fun and good tasting. My 4, 8 and 10 yo should love these and the colors they make inside. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Such a cute recipe! Note: MAKE SURE YOU PINCH THEM ENOUGH!!!!! Ours leaked all over and ended up collapsing. So bummed. Oh well, we’ll try again 🙂

  7. Such a cute recipe, however, make sure you use the “large” crescent rolls! We inadvertently used the “small” crescent rolls and it was a mess! We thought we got them completely pinched together, but apparently we didn’t because everything leaked out and they collapsed. We will try again though as it’s such a great idea!!!