Happy Birthday Jesus Cake for Christmas Dinner- a Meaningful Tradition!

What better way to get across the idea to children that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday other than having a birthday cake? It has become our tradition to serve a “Happy Birthday Jesus” cake for Christmas dinner. Even if we get invited to family’s house for Christmas dinner, I offer to bring the dessert, and show up with a cake.

happy birthday jesus cake for meaningful christmas

We usually make this cake on Christmas Eve, and it’s always just made from a simple box mix, and iced with icing from a can. (There’s too many things going on this time of year for me to attempt anything fancy.)

happy birthday jesus cake easy

Rather than decorating it with a Christmas theme, we decorate it with a birthday theme. This usually involves plenty of sprinkles! I get the easy icing in those little gel tubes to write on top. No fancy cake decorating skills required. Easy and meaningful- a great combination!

happy birthday jesus cake with sprinkles

We put candles on the cake, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, and all the kids blow out the candles together. This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions!

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