How To Decorate Easy Angel Cookies: Letter A Snack

Apparently, I love to have alphabet series going on this blog. First I did Catholic alphabet crafts (which turned into Catholic ABC’s), then I moved onto a Bible alphabet craft series, and this year I’m doing Bible themed snacks. So here we go, A is for easy Angel cookies!

angel cookies recipe

I decided to do the alphabet snack thing with Violet this year because I wanted a 1 on 1 activity we could do together each week. In a larger family, sometimes things like this have to be fit in purposely as they don’t always happen organically. So my 4 year old Violet made these (almost) entirely on her own.

We started with my great grandmother’s secret sugar cookie recipe a bag mix and an angel-shaped cookie cutter. (I’m a real-life, homeschooling, business running, housekeeping mom, so yes, cutting corners around here is what keeps our world turning.)

how to make easy angel cookies

We mixed the dough, and began rolling out the cookies right away. I let Violet do most of the rolling, and all of the cutting.

kids making angel cookies

Bake according to package directions (or your great grandmother’s handwritten recipe card- whatev)

how to bake angel cookies

While they’re cooling, mix your icing. This is where I actually am sharing an old family recipe. It’s basically the best cookie icing you’ll ever meet. There’s no need to go around the edges and come back to fill, there’s also no swipes from icing with a knife, and there aren’t even any annoying icing bags that have to be filled or washed. Also, my kids have a lot of trouble icing from bags, and it’s impossible to get them to stop licking their fingers while they do it. Yuck.

Easy to make, easy to use cookie icing recipe for kids:

  • 1 Tbs heavy cream
  • 1 Tbs powdered sugar
  • 1 drop of food color

I mix this in several small bowls (or tea cups, or muffin tins) and we use q-tips to paint it onto the cookies. It coats the top of the cookies well, dries hard and shiny (so you can stack the cookies) and it’s yummy. No need to refrigerate the final cookie. Best part is, even the smallest kids are capable of decorating cookies this way.

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easy cookie decorating for kids

We made pink, yellow and blue icing, and left one of the cups white. To decorate your EASY angel cookies, first paint the wings white, then paint the triangle of their dress the desired color. Leave the heads cookie colored. Viola- you’re done!

easy angel cookie decorating

I wanted to share this because all the angel cookies I found online were super complicated, and I don’t have any advanced cookie decorating skills. Even the kids were easily able to paint the angels like this.

angel cookies kids can make

In the picture below, children painted the 3 angel cookies on the left, and I painted the 3 on the right.

angel cookies

So there you have it- sugar cookie making and decorating with kids that doesn’t leave you wanting to pull your hair out. Another sanity thing: we just made one bag of them. Yes, we’re a big family, and yes, everyone just got a few cookies, and no, they didn’t last long, but a very large batch would have been time consuming and stressful to make. I chose sanity. 🙂

You can find all of my angel resources for kids here. You will find rafts, printables, books, recipes, and more! 

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  1. Moira Chapman says

    Another easy way to decorate them is to add food colouring to an egg yolk and paint it on to the cookies before they are backed. One egg yolk goes quite a long way, divide the yolk between three egg cups and add a different colour to each egg cup.

  2. Sorry, but I notice an immediate hyper reaction in my kids after they eat a tiny bit of sugar. I try to always include some form of protein to counter it, but some have a reaction no matter what! How do you cope with the associated ADD after eating sugar. (They also have to go to the bathroom a lot afterwards, classroom disrupted in lots of ways.)