Fun Food Ideas For Kids On St. Valentine’s Feast Day

St. Valentine is one of the most well known Catholic Saints, and the whole world is a fan of his feast day! How could they not be? It’s a great day to celebrate. St. Valentine’s feast day is known for feasting for sure! There’s nothing better than eating some fun love themed treats on this day. You can find all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine here, but today, let’s look at some fun food ideas for kids on St. Valentine’s feast day. 

Valentine's Day Sweet Treat Recipes


These traditional shortbread cookies are absolutely perfect and adorable for St. Valentine’s day! There are no advanced decorating skills necessary to knock these beatutiful cookies out of the park!

Cookie sandwhiches with pink frosting and heart sprinkles

Easily transform canned cinnamon rolls into heart rolls. This is a really fun St. Valentine’s day treat for breakfast! 


Cinnamon Buns and Pink Frosting

Easy to make strawberry milk with sugar-rimmed glass– a huge hit with kids! It also doesn’t involve any cooking or advanced kitchen skills and is a real crowd-pleaser. 

Valentine breakfast of cinnamon bun and strawberry milk

Try these Sacred and Immaculate heart “play-doh” cookies– fyi, totally edible. 🙂 These are fun to make and a colorful treat for this feast day.

Sacred and Immaculate Heart Cookies

The perfect way to eat any of your treats is with a simple Saint Valentine-themed tea party. We love throwing these little liturgical teas!

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Saint Valentine's Day Poetry Tea

Here are some ideas for cute, but healthier alternatives to Valentine’s Day snacks.

Healthy Snack for St. Valentine's Day

This is my recipe for my absolute favorite cookies, and for Valentine’s day we like to make them red and white to symbolize Saint Valentine’s martyrdom. Find our Saint Valentine’s Day cookies here

Most Delicious Valentine Cookies

H is for Heart” cookies to go with our Alphabet Snacks, and are a perfect treat for kids to decorate themselves for St. Valentine’s day. 

Heart cookies for Saint Valentine's Day

My strawberry sandwich cupcakes would also be absolutely perfect for the feast day of St. Valentine. Again, white and red to symbolize his martyrdom, and these cupcakes are so pretty with absolutely no decorating skills needed!

Easy and Beautiful Strawberry Cupcake Recipe

Be sure to check out all of my resources for celebrating the feast day of St. Valentine here!

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  1. Thrifty and Chic Mom says

    Great ideas. Last year we made a spiritual cookie bouquet for the grandparents from my girls, it turned out cute and delicious I think we will do it again this year.

  2. Your blog is a great resource! I especially love the John 3:16 valentine. My son's scout pack is making Valentine cards for the vets at our local VA Hospital. I think we'll make a bunch of the John 3:16's one too!

    I see your Catholic Icing logo everywhere and had to check you out. I'm new to the blogging world and am happy I found it.

  3. lacy, you've outdone yourself. thanks for all these wonderful ideas, and now I get to check out the link ups too!

  4. Hi Lacy!
    I just did a blog post on a homeschool gathering we recently had and I used your ideas and those that linked up, but had to modify them a bit for our children. Anyway, thank you for all the ideas! It made my planning a lot easier and fun! Here is my post if you would like to see how I used all the great ideas:

    Thanks again Lacy for all your great resources and for all the hard work you put into providing so many fun ideas for our Catholic Faith!
    God bless!
    Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

  5. Do you have a printable coloring page of St. Valentine? As you did with St. Anne? I plan on letting my kiddos color as I read to them the story of St. Valentine. I cannot find an easy to print coloring page. Thanks!