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Catholic ABCs Preschool Curriculum: Exciting Update!

The new program, which is a partnership with Angie Kauffman from Real Life at Home, was launched on August 8, 2022. It is a greatly expanded and improved version of the old Catholic ABCs book.
Catholic ABCs is a hand-on curriculum full of crafts, printables, worksheets, saints, learning, and more for preschoolers and kindergartners. There are over 2,000 pages that you can use for multiple school years!
Don’t worry – we know children already get plenty of screen time. The online program is for parents and teachers to access to get the materials to use with children. The online portion is not for students, but rather a huge resource of materials for parents and teachers to use.
A - Z Saints Cards from Catholic ABCs
The program is more inclusive than ever, featuring printable crafts, worksheets, activities, and more, making it a great option for teaching Religion to preschoolers and also kindergartners! Much of the program would even be perfect for most first graders, as well as a great supplement for 2nd graders.
Catholic ABCs Crafts for A - E

What to Expect in the Catholic ABCs Curriculum

The Catholic ABCs program includes SO much material! You can easily use this over the course of more than one school year, if you want.

Everything included is digital and downloadable. Nothing will be mailed to you, so you will print only the materials you want to use.

Printable Catholic Crafts for the Letters F - J


Materials Included in the Catholic ABCs curriculum:

  • Materials for the same types of lessons and unit studies previously included in the Catholic ABCs Curriculum Book – but featuring SO MUCH MORE than was ever included before! This is truly the full program that we would have loved to have had when our kids were younger!

  • 26 printable Catholic crafts (one for each letter of the alphabet) that Lacy made especially for this program. There is a wide variety of types of crafts using a range of skills and materials. Crafts are included for:
    • A is for Angel
    • B is for Bible
    • C is for Crucifix
    • D is for Divine Mercy
    • E is for Eat (this is Communion-themed)
    • F is for Fatima
    • G is for Grotto
    • H is for Holy Spirit
    • I is for Immaculate Heart
    • J is for Jesus
    • K is for King
    • L is for Liturgical Year
    • M is for Monstrance
    • N is for Nun
    • O is for Offering Box
    • P is for Prayer
    • Q is for Queen
    • R is for Rosary
    • S is for Saint
    • T is for Trinity
    • U is for Upper Room
    • V is for Vatican
    • W is for Water (this is Baptism-themed)
    • X is for eXalt
    • Y is for Yes
    • Z is for naZareth

L is for Liturgical Year Craft

  • All 26 of the Catholic Letter of the Week Packets – there is a 35-page packet for each letter of the alphabet, which includes handwriting pages, saint and religious coloring pages, mini books, letter recognition activities, and more

Catholic printables on a table top

  • A featured saint for each letter – each featured saint has a Saint ABC card about them, stand-up saint craft, a mini book about the saint, a coloring page, an activity page, and cut apart puzzle. Efforts were made to include a similar number of male and female saints, as well as saints from around the world. Saints included as featured saints (in order):
    • Saint Agatha Kim A-gi
    • Saint Josephine Bakhita
    • Blessed Carlo Acutis
    • Saint Juan Diego
    • Saint Edith Stein
    • Saint Florian
    • Saint Gertrude of Nivelles
    • Saint Helena
    • Saint Isidore the Farmer
    • Saint Joseph
    • Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
    • Blessed Laura Vicuña
    • Saint Martin de Porres
    • Saint Nicholas
    • Saint Olga
    • Saint Patrick
    • Mary, Queen of Heaven
    • Saint Rafqa
    • Saint Simon Stock
    • Saint Teresa of Calcutta
    • Our Lady Undoer of Knots
    • Saint Valentine
    • Saint William of Perth
    • Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini
    • Saint Yves
    • Saint Zita

Saint Agatha Kim A-gi Saint of the Week Packet

  • Six Unit Studies to Use Throughout the Year – Each unit study includes a lesson, at least one printable craft or activity, activity pages, counting books, themed playdough mats for counting activities, and more.
    • Unit Studies include: The Good Shepherd, Days of Creation, Fishers of Men, Advent and Christmas, Lent, and Easter

Fishers of Men Story Retelling Set

  • All Saints’ Day Pack – This includes a set of party printables (cupcake toppers and banner), Memory game, activity pages, playdough counting mats, and more

All Saints' Day Printables

  • The Catholic Daily Learning Notebook, and Coloring Pages Packet – this includes daily learning pages (Identify the day of the week, Identify or write out the date, write how many days they have been in school – both writing it out as a number, such as 124, and then breaking it down into hundreds, tens, and ones, Identify which season it currently is, pick the liturgical season and write out the feast day), calendars, two saint coloring pages per month, and more

Catholic Daily Learning Packet pages on a clothesline

  • Saint ABC cards in two different sizes for displaying featuring each of the 26 featured “Saint of the Week” saints

  • Scripture memory cards for A – Z

  • Liturgical Year Wheel Craft

  • Art Cards for A – Z

  • Two Sets of Playdough Mats for Each Letter of the Alphabet

  • Book and snack lists for A – Z

  • An Exclusive Discount Code for the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership – This is great for adding seasonally-specific liturgical year displays and activities to your home or classroom

  • And More!

There are over 2,000 pages of printable pages in this curriculum, and it can be used over multiple school years!


S is for Saints Printable Craft

Catholic Preschool and Kindergarten Materials by Moms and Educators

Both Lacy and Angie are former homeschoolers and have both had years of experience producing educational and religious materials for children and families on their sites, Catholic Icing and Real Life at Home. Both Lacy and Angie also spent many years teaching preschool at the homeschool co-ops they attended with their children.

Angie has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with extra courses specifically in kindergarten education. She also has a master’s degree in special education. Angie previously taught in the public school setting in kindergarten and also as an elementary school librarian (on a teaching contract). She later worked through the state of Indiana as a developmental therapist for young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

Days of Creation Activity Wheel


What People Are Saying about the Catholic ABCs Curriculum

Wow! What a great curriculum collection! I spent several years in the public school setting working in kindergarten. For my own kids I wanted to use a strong curriculum similar to what I used there, yet wanted it to be knitted together with aspects of the faith. This does just that. The variety ensures each individual student can be reached. There is plenty of material to use with my little ones for two years of preschool and on into kindergarten. I am so glad I found it as I begin teaching my first preschooler!” – Debbie B.

Saints Counting Playdough Mat

We just completed our first week of preschool with my 3-year-old and he absolutely loved it! He kept asking if we were doing preschool over the weekend, which was so precious to hear since this is my first time homeschooling! There is soo much included in this curriculum, so it is very customizable to my child’s age and development. It took a little while to go through it all to figure out what I needed to start but once I figured that out lesson planning became so simple because of the provided lists. Thank y’all for putting this all together and for making it so cohesive.” – Jacqueline K.

This program is such a blessing! Thank you for sharing your talent and gifts with the rest of us mommas.” – Vinessa C.

Catholic Printable Crafts for the Letters U - Y

Catholic ABCs Curriculum for Preschool and Kindergarten