Catholic Preschool Curriculum – Catholic ABCs

Catholic ABCs: Exciting Update!

The new program, which is a partnership with Angie Kauffman from Real Life at Home, was launched on August 8, 2022, with the rest of the program rolling out each month between September to December 2022.
A - Z Saints Cards from Catholic ABCs
The program is more inclusive than ever, featuring printable crafts, worksheets, activities, and more, making it a great option for teaching Religion to preschoolers and also kindergartners! (Much of the program would even be perfect for most first graders.)
The program is being offered at a discount from now through August 15, 2022, so don’t hesitate – go check it out right now! I am so excited to fully bring this program to life! 🙂 
Catholic ABCs Crafts for A - E
Also, for the foreseeable future, this curriculum will no longer be offered as a book but only as a digital resource. 

Are you looking for a Catholic Preschool Curriculum Homeschooling

Or maybe you’re looking for a Catholic Preschool Curriculum for teaching at a Co-op or in a religious education setting?


I’d like to introduce you to Catholic ABC’s! Catholic ABC’s is a fully Catholic preschool curriculum for homeschoolers, co-ops, and other classrooms. It’s also great for teaching preschool CCD or other Religious Education classes! The teacher scripts provided in this book take all the guesswork out of teaching!

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Some of the material and crafts in this book have been shared on in the last year and a half. That is all still available for FREE! (Click here to find the new and improved navigation page). I am so excited to finally be able to offer this complete program to you, which now includes over 50% new, never-before-published content, in one easy to use book!

This curriculum was developed working with children at a Catholic preschool co-op, and it has proved to be successful in a real-life classroom! 

Catholic ABC’s (The Book) includes:

  • 26 lessons, one for each letter of the alphabet, with corresponding craft, bible verse, full-color visual aid, and a saint of the week!
  • Activities that are perfect for preschoolers ages 2-4.
  • 5 hands-on unit studies that follow the liturgical year and teach Bible stories with songs and manipulatives!
  • Ideas for hands-on learning activities and fingerplays
  • Exposure to letters, letter sounds, numbers, and counting.
  • Material to engage visual learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners.
  • Tips for working with preschoolers in and out of the classroom
  • Over 25 templates, coloring pages, handwriting practice sheets, and  more included in the “Master Copies” section
  • Easy to complete crafts with each lesson! Only readily available (and affordable) craft supplies needed!
  • Lessons to help teach your preschooler (and you!) about the Catholic faith.
  • Many ideas to help teach your preschooler to know, love, and to serve the Lord!


The entire book is in full color and includes pictures of all the completed crafts and projects. There are also beautiful pictures of Catholic art sprinkled throughout the book.

I wrote this preschool curriculum to be easy-to-use, and involve only a minimal amount of prep time. Catholic ABC’s started on my blog (here) at Catholic Icing, and has matured into this user-friendly book!

Catholic ABC's
The year is broken into five unit studies that follow the Liturgical year. These unit studies introduce the student to counting and numbers. Each week you start with the easy-to-use teacher script, then plug in the current unit study and the new letter for the week. Catholic ABC’s makes it that easy!
Unit Studies:
  1. Ordinary Time 1 – Creation
  2. Advent/Christmas – Nativity
  3. Ordinary Time 2 – 12 Apostles
  4. Lent – Stations of the Cross
  5. Easter – He is Risen!


This Catholic preschool curriculum is hands-on all the way! From the unit studies to learning the alphabet, to crafting, singing, and counting- this book strives to make learning (and teaching) fun! Hey, why shouldn’t it be fun?

This book was designed to engage visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. The activities in this book help develop gross and fine motor skills. I believe that children learn best when they have multiple senses engaged, and when they have meaningful experiences that they can connect with. This book will help you create these kinds of experiences with your preschoolers! 

Front and back covers are laminated inside and out. This makes them peanut butter and jelly proof, and will help your book last through multiple children! 🙂


After you’ve ordered, be sure to check out my Catholic ABC’s Resource page to find all the extras to help you get started. Happy Preschooling! 🙂
Catholic ABC’s Testimonials

I’ve been searching long and hard for a hands-on Catholic program that is boy-friendly. Thank you! 

     -Bernadette G.

Received your book in the mail this week. Amazing and awesome work! I love the guidance of the teacher script and the organization of it. It is the type of resource I have been looking for all over as I begin working with my preschooler and toddler. 

     –Elizabeth T

I just wanted you to know that I brought your book to my beginning of the year CCD meeting and I expect you’ll be getting a few orders for Miami today; everyone fell in love with the book!

     -Katie A. 

I received your book and LOVE IT!!! I showed it to our Catholic co-op and everyone was so excited to see it!!! 

     -Nicole H. Jacksonville, FL

I just got my book in the mail and I am PUMPED! My kids are already fighting me for it!

     – Bobbi S. 

I am going to be the Pre-K instructor at the new Aquinas Learning Center in my area and I just wanted to let you know that I will be using your Catholic ABC’s Curriculum for my class, we all love it and think that it is just awesome! Thank you so much for doing what you do, because of this Curriculum my kids are going to have a great Homeschooling year!

     –Mary C. 

Got your book last week and we have already planned out our Pre-school for the remainder of the year. So excited to get started and the book is just amazing!! What a great help!! All the mom’s from the pre-school plan on buying one. I hope you have some left!!

     -Janell M, Delaware

Just wanted to say I got your book in the mail yesterday and I LOVE it…even with the website the book is worth the money b/c it is so organized. I am a retired Catholic school teacher; it takes a lot to impress me 🙂 but I am IMPRESSED! PARENTS: Lacy’s new book, Catholic ABC’s, is not just for homeschooling preschoolers, it goes far beyond that. If you want to bring a more Catholic presence into your home, you should take a look at this book. Children in the primary grades, even those in Catholic schools, would greatly benefit from living out their faith in all the grace-filled ways that Lacy has included in her book. Parents can easily adapt the structure to their own family’s needs. The blog is a perfect complement to the book, especially if you are doing it with older children. I wish I’d had this book and this blog 30 years ago for my family and the children I taught. I pray that it reaches a wide audience.

     -Carole U. Baton Rouge, LA  

Got my book today and I am so impressed! I can’t wait to start this with her!!

     -Roseanna K.

My copy arrived today and looks wonderful! My children already stole it to make Popsicle stick people. 

     -Laura H.

Just finished our first year of preschool co-op using your curriculum. It has been awesome! We have loved every step of the way and I feel like the kids have grown for much in just one year.

     -Janell M, CA

Mine came today! I’m thrilled! It looks wonderful- unfortunately, it will be another year or two before I start using it with my youngest; but I couldn’t wait to buy it! Thank you!!! 🙂

     -Angela H.

I am using the heck out of your ABC curriculum for our parish summer school, the first time we’ve done the preschool age group. Two days down, two to go! Yes, we are cramming a whole lotta stuff in four days but so far so good. Thanks so much!!

I have to tell you how excited my 3 year old was when I brought home your ABC’s book.  She has shown the grandparents via Skype too many times to count!  That is her school book and she can’t wait to start!!!!!

     -Missy, NC

just quickly wanted to be able to tell you how very much your website has changed my life. I am new to homeschooling this year with four little ones to teach and a baby/toddler to keep track of.  I love your creative ideas and appreciate how thorough you are in explaining things in your book. You give me inspiration and I talk about you all the time to my friends!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a blessing to me and all Catholic moms.

     -Jenn, IL

This book is so well done, and so obviously full of Lacy’s zeal for hands-on education, that I couldn’t help but think, “Hmmm…maybe I should teach preschool at our co-op again sometime.” Since that can be a pretty exhausting task, that is saying a lot for this book!

     -Angie, Founder of Catholic Mothers Online. Read her full book review here.

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