Meaningful Easter Activity for Kids – Empty Tomb Snack

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I wanted to make a cute and religious Easter treat for my kids, but as most of ya’ll know, I’m not much of a cook. Well, here’s an idea for a sweet Easter treat that is no bake plus your kids can assemble them as a religious Easter activity!

Doughnut Tomb Snack
Doughnut Tomb Snacks

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Ingredients Needed for Empty Tomb Treats:
  • Graham Crackers
  • Peanut Butter (or icing if you have an allergy)
  • Small Chocolate Doughnuts
  • Mini Oreo Cookies
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Green Food Coloring

Prep the Snack:

Before you grab the kids for this Christian Easter activity, you might want to prep a few things. Take your shredded coconut and place it in a sandwich baggie. Drip a few drops of green food coloring in, and shake the bag until your coconut turns green. Also, cut off the bottom of your chocolate doughnuts.

Cutting up Doughnuts
Now you’re ready for the fun to begin! Have your kids spread peanut butter on the graham cracker, and stick their doughnut “tomb” on. Then, take one mini Oreo and twist it apart. Use the side with the icing on it to stick it to the front of the doughnut as the “rock” rolled away from the entrance of the tomb. Sprinkle some coconut “grass” onto the remainder of the peanut butter.
Doughnut and Oreo Tomb Snack


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We also made some Easter banners from the leftover Stations of the Cross stickers we got at the Dollar Tree.
Doughnut and Oreo Tomb Snacks
These we so easy to make, and came out cuter than I thought they would! Enjoy these Resurrection treats on Easter!
Doughnut and Oreo Tomb Snacks
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Silly rabbit! Easter is for Jesus!!!

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Make it about the lamb, not the bunny!


  1. The possibilities with chocolate donuts are truly endless!

  2. Amphy Borillo says

    Thank you for this idea. My class had a blast making this meaningful easter treat. Everybody is asking if they can make a second empty tomb. I used your suggested green icing since some of the kids are allergic to peanuts. It looks as cute as the one with coconuts. Parents waiting outside can’t wait to ask what the project is all about. I gave their kids a little spiel 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing your ideas. May God continue to shower you with creativity. Cheers!

  3. I did these in the past with my Pre K/K class, but then we had to find a healthier choice for snacktime in the mornings.
    I now use a quarter of a bagel, a vanilla wafer, and cream cheese to dip in on a plate.
    Same concept, just a little less sugar!

  4. Johannah says

    I just made these for a mom & me group – they are so cute! I love them! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. I love your site! You’ve inspired me to begin crafting with the kids again. I had mommy burnout big time this winter. Glad to have some simple and fun ideas and begin enjoying making things with the kids again.

  6. Stevie M says

    SUPER cute! I wish I had seen these earlier. I am going to pin these for next year 🙂

  7. I made these (with my husband’s help) for my son’s third grade Easter party. All the teachers and moms kept saying how creative I was. I told them about your website….AGAIN. When will they start listening to me? 😉

  8. I used this snack for the preschool FF classes this past Sunday. As the children made their snacks, they were able to tell us what each of the items represented – donut (tomb) oreo (stone that rolled away) – and that Jesus had been in the tomb and then He rose from the dead. Great idea and I love your blog, full of wonderful ideas.

  9. I do believe that I will be making these with my 5th graders this year. We meet on Palm Sunday and since Sunday’s do celebrate the Resurrection, I think that could work. Being as we meet in the AM and all Masses are especially long for Holy Week, it will give them something fun to do and have a nice breakfast as well!

  10. Thank you so much for your inspirational ideas. This year with my 4th and 5th grade FF classes, I was able to make these empty tombs with the parents providing what we needed. They all enjoyed it so much and I look forward to making the Pentecost “Sundaes” with them soon. I tell them about your website and where I have found these neat ideas. We teachers love to play too! Thanks so much