Easy Cupcakes for All Saints’ Day Party

Would you like to make the cutest (and easiest) All Saints’ day cupcakes ever?! When you show up to your All Saints’ Day party this year, you can impress all the moms wow all the kids with these simple Saint cupcake toppers. 😉 You can find all of my All Saints’ Day resources for kids here.

All Saints toppers on cupcakes with orange frosting.

Also, you should totally check out my All Saints’ Day food labels! This is the perfect All Saints’ Day party printable as it turns everyday kid snacks into symbols of the Saints, making celebrating a breeze for mom!


All Saints' toppers on vanilla cupcakes with orange frosting

Now, the thing that makes these cupcakes really easy is that you don’t even have to bake them yourself. You can just pick them up at the grocery store on your way to the party, and stick the cupcake toppers in when you arrive. (I know that baking them yourself is cheaper, but for some reason, no one ever seems to want to eat what I bake…)

Misshapen chocolate cupcakes in a muffin pan.

Because I have an aversion to cooking God blessed me with different talents, and I often fall back on things from the grocery store to help me out when I’m in a bind. I just make sure to check the overbaked goods rack in the back of the store before the bakery section because you can usually find a deal back there. Also, I always buy the mini cupcakes because I don’t really feel like kids need to eat giant cupcakes, plus you get more cupcakes for the dough. 😉 (Get it? Whether you’re buying them or baking them yourself… more for the dough… hahaha!) Ok. I’m over it. Moving along.

All Saints' Day cupcake toppers.

So where did I get these adorable Saint images? They are Victor’s Happy Saints, of course! I love Victor’s cute, colorful, and fun depictions of our Heavenly Heroes for kids! I have used his images for craft projects before, and as a part of his ministry to children, he encourages us to print the images from his site. (This stuff probably goes without saying, but as someone who has had a lot of content stolen from the internet, here’s your online etiquette lesson: Don’t remove watermarks from people’s images, don’t re-publish his images on your own website, and certainly always give credit and link back when you post online.)

He has an ebook that you can download to make for easier printing with higher-quality images. Otherwise, you’ll have to pull and save these images one at a time to print them. I printed them, then cut them out with cute scalloped scrapbooking scissors. I think this made all the difference!

Happy saint pictures.

Then just tape a toothpick to the back, and you’re ready to go! 🙂

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Happy saint cupcake toppers.

Since he has changed the availability of these images quite a bit since I originally posted this, you might now also consider these cupcake toppers that were originally included as part of the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership in November 2021 but are now available as an expanded set with 36 different saints on Real Life at Home.

Printable All Saints' Day cupcake toppers.

If you’re looking for more Catholic crafts for All Saints’ Day, don’t miss the Saint treat buckets we made from the Happy Saints last year!

These are buckets I made with Victor’s Happy Saints:

Saint bucket craft.

Here are the treat buckets that I made with the printables from the November 2021 Catholic Icing Monthly Membership printables. These can be made with the cupcake toppers set of 36 saints that are now available on Real Life at Home.

Treat buckets for All Saints' Day with saint stickers.

Don’t forget to follow my Saints and Angels board on Pinterest! Tons of great ideas over there!

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  1. Alicia@through-my-is.blogspot.com says

    Love this! I LOVE the Happy Saints! What a blessing to us!

  2. Lacy, these are so so cute! I think Victor’s website was the very first thing I blogged about; I loved them! Anyhow, I love your idea for our little ones — they look yummy and lovely! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas — keep them coming! Be blessed!

  3. so cute!

  4. Pepa Villarreal says

    I purchased Victors Happy Saints Ebook, but not all saints are there so how are you able to print from his site.

    • Each time he comes out with a new Saint picture, he posts it online. I just save the pictures and paste them into my own personal file so I have them all.

    • I was having trouble doing this too, it seemed like they weren’t really good enough to print. I’d totally pay to be able to download them!!

  5. I’m in love! Thanks for sharing his site!

    We have also been working through your preschool book–WE ARE LOVING IT!!!

  6. Lisa Stedman says

    I am having a hard time finding where to download the and print these happy saint images for free. I go to the website happysaints.com and it states that it cost to print these images out. Please clarify.
    I love this site.
    Lisa Stedman

    • You can find the images around the site and print them for free. Victor is fine with you doing that. It will be easier to print them from the book, but more expensive. If you print them for free, you have to find them and save the images yourself so you can print them.

  7. Mine are nowhere near the print quality of yours. Please help with any suggestion! I planned to do for religious formation tomorrow. I coped and pasted into a word doc. I didn’t enlarge and I chose highest quality printing. Thank you!

    • I don’t know- I think he changed his images since I did this. I’ve gotten a few emails about it. Hope it works out!!!!

  8. Missi Bellman says

    I’ve tried multiple times to log into Happy Saints and can’t get anywhere. Any suggestions?