St. Kateri Activity for Kids

Today, we have a guest post from my friend over at Catholic Deals, Liz. She made an adorable snack with her kids to celebrate Saint Kateri!

St. Kateri’s Native American Village


Materials needed:
– Sugar or waffle ice cream cones
– Chocolate candy melts
– Pretzel sticks
– Large tray
– Frosting
– Green and brown sugar
– Dried papaya or orange candy for fire
– Candies for decoration (optional)


 My family and I were so excited by getting a new American saint with the canonization of St. Kateri Tekakwitha on Sunday, that we decided to hold a family party in her honor.  We prepared a Native American-inspired dinner of fish, corn, and pumpkin mashed potatoes, and finished it off with this Native American village scene for dessert.


I got the idea for the tepees and fire from Family Fun, but their instructions were to bake cupcakes inside the ice cream cones.  That seemed a little more complicated than I wanted to get, especially since I thought my kids might just prefer the cones on their own.


I used waffle cones because I thought that the opening on them would look good for the door of the tepee, but then I realized that unlike sugar cones they would not stand up on their own!  Undeterred, I just broke off pieces along the bottom until they were relatively stable.  Then I had to cut a bit off the top of each cone to widen the opening for the sticks at the top.



Candy melts worked well to stabilize the pretzel sticks, because the candy is thicker and dries much more quickly than frosting.  We had to hold or prop the sticks for a couple of minutes until they dried, so that they would stay apart at the top.  They dried in just a few minutes.



While the tepees dried, we spread a waxed-paper lined tray with vanilla frosting, and then we placed the finished tepees.  Next was the fun part – creating the scene!  We used green sugar for grass and brown sugar for dirt or sand.  We built the fire out of pretzel sticks and dried papaya cut into triangular shapes for the flames and stuck them together with some more candy melts.  We used some root beer flavored hard candies as the stones around the fire, since I could not find small candy rocks.  Finally, I had a mellowcreme autumn mix that worked great for accessories to the scene and to create a little table with a harvest feast.



This delicious craft would work well for Thanksgiving as well as for celebrations of St. Kateri’s life.  My children had so much fun creating and eating it, and they won’t soon forget about our new American saint!


Liz McGuirk is a wife and mom living in Northern Virginia.  She blogs about products and good deals of interest to Catholics at Catholic Deals.  In order to keep informed about great upcoming holiday deals on Catholic and Christian products, follow her blog or follow her here on Facebook.

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  1. FUN! What a yummy way to learn about our first North American Indian Saint!
    Saint Kateri probably never lived in a tee-pee, though. The Iroquois Mohawk lived in longhouses in the 1600’s.
    What yummy treat can we use to make a longhouse?

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