Make an Edible Rosary- Fun for Catholic Kids!

I have seen some of the cutest edible rosaries! From cupcakes to marshmallows to raisins to candy, the possibilities seem to be endless! I think these would be great for any Catholic party or occasion. We love to work on crafty stuff, and you can find all of my crafty rosary resources for kids here. Check out some of these crafty ideas 🙂

I love this rosary from Cherished Hearts at Home!

Lord Make Me a Saint constructed a
rosary from cookies!

My cousin, Stephanie, makes these edible rosaries.

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They’re pretty healthy- mostly raisins and grapes
with one cross shaped cookie. She cuts the grapes in half to
keep them from rolling, and each child gets their own rosary! 🙂
Check out this colorful rosary from Bless Us O Lord.
She uses a regular crucifix to finish off the rosary!


Castle of the Immaculate made a cupcake rosary
with a beautiful cross cake!
Under Her Starry Mantel includes blue hearts
Go East They Said has a smaller version that doesn’t
require any cooking.

Totus Tuus Family made an adorable cupcake rosary!

I love all these rosaries I found! There are some really crafty moms out there, and I’m so glad they share all these fun Catholic ideas with us! I can’t wait to make an edible rosary for my kids 🙂


  1. Sarah Harkins says

    Lacy, did your sister in law pray the rosary as they ate it? Just wondering. I have a bunch of crasins in my cupboard that would make a great edible rosary!

  2. Kathleen's Catholic says

    Lacy, visiting your blog really brightens my day. There's a little sunshine for you on my blog.

  3. Just love these ideas! Thanks for sharing. I am feeling so thankful for your site that enhances our liturgical year by leaps and bounds. GOD BLESS!!!

  4. Lacy, Those looooook so yummy. And I like the idea of prayer being sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Lacy!
    I just did a blog post on the edible rosaries our homeschool group made for Mary's birthday celebration on Sept. 8, 2010. I linked up to your post at the end of my post 🙂

    Here is the link:

    Have a blessed day!

  6. Thank you for a wonderful idea with the raisins and grapes rosary!  How did your cousin string them together?  Dental floss?

    God Bless,

  7. They weren't strung- just laid flat on the table.

  8. Maria Isabel Abrantes says

    Delicioso isso! Obrigada pela dica!

  9. I love this site thank you for sharing all of your ideas! I made the pipe cleaner rosary with my first graders!

  10. My Kindergarten class made an edible rosary out of marshmallows and Twizzlers. Kids loved it!!

  11. We do a froot loop rosary with fishing line. Then they can eat it off the line. You can use cheerios for the Hail Marys and Froot Loops for the Our Fathers. I haven’t figured out the cross but my kids suggested pull and peel twizzlers made into a cross.