Dr. Gianna’s Saintly Soda (Free Printable!)

I just got finished making some labels for the All Saints’ Day party we’re going to this weekend, and I wanted to share them with you! It’s a knock off of Dr. Pepper. Check it out! You can find all of my resources for living the liturgical year in April here. Now let’s take a look at these  Dr. Gianna’s Saintly Soda free printable!

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Dr. Gianna’s Saintly Soda
Dr. Gianna's Saintly Soda
Before I go on, I just wanted to check and make sure… you guys knew that Saint Gianna was a doctor, right? Good! Just wanted to be on the safe side and state the obvious there. 🙂
I made 2 different label sizes. One label goes around a 2-liter bottle of soda.
Dr. Gianna's Saintly Soda
The other set of labels prints 3 to a page, and they go around the small cans of Dr. Pepper. The size cans I used were the 7.5 FL OZ, and I got them at Wegman’s. These are smaller than standard Coke cans, but pretty common to find.
Dr. Gianna's Saintly Soda
You may as well buy off-brand for the 2-liter bottle because you’re going to cover the label anyway, so who will ever know? I got “Dr. W’s”, also available at Wegman’s. 😉
Covering Label
I’m really excited about this “Saintly Soda”! I think it will be a hit at our All Saints’ Day party because all of my friends really love Saint Gianna (including me).
Dr. Gianna's Saintly Soda
Just print the labels, cut, and tape them on.
I’m working on some more labels for Saintly food right now, so hopefully I’ll post those for ya’ll tomorrow. I’m so excited that All Saints’ Day is almost here! 🙂
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