Strawberry Milk- a Fun and Easy Treat for St. Valentine’s Day!

For a fun and easy Valentine’s day snack, you should try serving your kids some pink, strawberry milk! You can make this treat extra special by taking just a minute to rim your glass with sugar. 🙂

Rimming the glass with sugar is very easy to do. Take the same strawberry syrup you use to make your milk (we used the same stuff we did for our “Pentecost Sundaes“) and pour a little on a saucer. Turn your glass upside down, and dip the rim into the syrup. Then, put some regular ‘ol white sugar on another saucer, and twirl the rim of your glass in the sugar. Voila! How fancy is your glass?!

My kids were crazy for the sugar rimmed glasses! You’ll need to mix the strawberry milk in a separate pitcher and pour it into the glasses carefully so you don’t destroy your handy work.

We paired our St. Valentine strawberry milk with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. I make these every year! They’re very easy to put together (since I use cinnamon rolls from a can.) 😉

Of course, heart shaped doilies make everything a little cuter, but they’re not necessary. My kids loved the sugared glass rims so much! Happy kids with little effort on my part = one happy mama!

You can find all my resources for celebrating Saint Valentine’s day with Catholic kids here!
Also, check out my Saint Valentine printable pack!


  1. we’ll definitely be doing the heart shaped cinnamon rolls again this year, and may have to try the strawberry milk too!

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