Saint Feast Days In July (And Other Days To Celebrate With Kids!)

I love coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate the church year with kids, and July is full of fun Saint feast days to celebrate! Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post because it also includes other fun July feast days and faith filled Summer activities for kids. The month of July is dedicated to the precious blood of Jesus, so there are activities for that as well. Now let’s look at these highlights of fun July Saint feast days to celebrate with links to crafts, food, and activities for you this Summer! 


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When you’re starting to teach your kids about the lives of the Saints, I suggest starting with a Saint picture book treasury that includes a lot of short stories you can read together. This will give you a good starting place and then you can add to your library of Saint books over the years. I think this Picture Book Of Saints is a good beginning Saint book for Catholic families. I will mark the Saints below that have stories from this book. You can find all of my favorite Saint books for kids here.

I also recommend having a good children’s Bible available to read from, as it will also include many stories of the Saints. Although I have many children’s Bibles, The Jesus Storybook Bible is my favorite.

July Saint Feast Days To Celebrate

This list does not include Saints for every single day of July, but some highlights that are good for kids. 

July 3- St. Thomas’s Feast Day

  • apostle
  • St. Thomas is the one who proclaimed “My Lord and my God!” (which is in the children’s video below) and this is what we say to ourselves during Mass each week when the consecrated host is presented to us!
  • St. Thomas The Apostle’s story is found on page 114 of Picture Book Of Saints
  • check out this adorable children’s video about St. Thomas from Saddleback Kids


St. Thomas Kid Activities:

July 4- St. Elizabeth of Portugal’s Feast Day

  • queen (not the one with the bread- her feast day is in November) 

July 6- St. Maria Goretti’s Feast Day


July 9- Our Lady Of Chiquinquirá’s Feast Day

July 11- St. Benedict’s Feast Day

  • patron of Europe, monks, farmworkers, and victims of poisoning 
  • St. Benedict’s story is found on page 26 of Picture Book Of Saints

July 12- St. Veronica’s Feast Day

  • wipes the face of Jesus (part of the stations of the cross)

St. Veronica Kid Activities:

July 14- St. Kateri’s Feast Day

I have a special round up of St. Kateri activities for kids here. This post tells about St. Kateri’s life, and goes over the highlights of Mohawk Natives. It includes coloring pages, and how to draw video, printable crafts, and more for St. Kateri, so be sure to check that out!

I also have a recipe for how to make bacon pecan chocolate turtles to celebrate St. Kateri’s feast day. 


July 15- St. Bonaventure’s Feast Day

July 16- Our Lady Of Mount Carmel’s Feast Day

  • Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Appeared to St. Simon on Mount Carmel on presented him with the scapular 

Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Kid Activities:


July 18- St. Camillus de Lellis’s Feast Day

July 21- St. Laurence’s Feast Day

  • Italian Franciscan, doctor of the church

July 22- St. Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day


There is also a video of the story of St. Mary Magdalene finding Jesus at the tomb on Easter morning here. 


St. Mary Magdalene Kid Activities:

July 23- St. Bridget of Sweden’s Feast Day

  • patroness of Sweden and nuns, founder of the Brigittine order 
  • St. Bridget’s story is found on page 92 of Picture Book Of Saints

July 25- St. Jame’s And St. Christopher’s Feast Day

  • St. James the great-apostle
  • St. Christopher- martyr, patron of travelers
  • St. James The Greater’s story is found on page 65 of Picture Book Of Saints, and St. Christopher’s story is on page 66.

You can find my whole round up on celebrating St. Christopher’s feast day with kids here. There are so many fun activities you can do including so many travel themed ideas. Check it out!

July 26- St. Anne and St. Joachim’s Feast Day

  • mother and father of Mary, grandmother and grandfather of Jesus
  • St. Anne’s story is found on page 67 of Picture Book Of Saints, and St. Joachim’s story can be found on page 76.
  • St. Anne is also included in my ABC Saint pack for kids.

July 29- St. Martha’s Feast Day

  • sister of Lazarus
  • Martha is known for busying herself with housework while Mary listened to the teachings of Jesus. 
  • You can find my Lazarus activities for kids here

July 31- St. Ignatius’s Feast Day

If you’re trying to plan a Saint feast day celebration with kids and you didn’t see it here, you will want to check out my post about how to celebrate any Saint feast day. It takes you through my process of looking at their lives to choose an activity for kids, and it links to generic resources that will help you to celebrate any Saint. So no more being sad if you can’t find specific resources for your child’s namesake Saint! 🙂 

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July Monthly Catholic Dedication- The Most Precious Blood Of Jesus

Each month has a special Catholic dedication, and the month of July is dedicated to the most Precious Blood of Jesus! There are so many  fun crafts, activities, and snack ideas for kids the go along with this monthly devotion. You can find my full round up of ideas for celebrating the Eucharist with kids here. 

This silhouette chalice craft would be perfect for celebrating the precious blood of Jesus!

This fun jello in a chalice snack is definitely perfect for celebrating this occasion with kids.

You may also want to make your own chalice, and you can find my easy directions on how to make a whole at home mass kit here

More Precious Blood Of Jesus Kid Activities:

Independence Day- 4th Of July!

Check out my post on “Liturgical Scrabble” where you can use the letters to arrange all kinds of phrases, including some for the 4th of July!

I also have a post about how to make your own patriotic beads from polymer clay and also how to make religious patriotic necklaces and bracelets out of the beads. I also made a patriotic rosary from the beads. 

Here is an idea for praying a patriotic rosary for the country. 

Top July Posts

I can’t help what’s popular… you guys decide! Here are some things you ya’ll just looooooove reading about in July. 🙂 

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Summer Fun With Catholic Kids!

As we are coming into the season of summer, you might find some more resources that would be great for vacation bible school handy! 

I now have a complete at home VBS Program for Catholic kids available!!!

It’s called “Summer With The Sacred Heart“. This is so much fun for kids and laid out to make it easy on mom. You’re going to love it!


Also check out these fun and easy summer staycation ideas for families!

I hope you found these Summer resources for kids useful for your feast day celebrations in July.

Be sure to check out my book for living liturgically with your family, Weaving The Faith

You can find all of my resources for living the liturgical year organized month by month here!


  1. Hi! I also like the Jesus Storybook Bible, but please be aware that it has wording that is not biblically sound and contrary to the Catholic faith. For example, in the story of the last supper it says “This is LIKE my body” which goes directly against Catholic teaching of the True Presence. I fixed this problem by using a sharpie to mark out the word “like” in our Jesus Storybook Bible, but you may want to include this information when recommending this book to Catholics since it is not doctrinally sound. The book does a wonderful job of tying together the story of salvation, but I think the errors in the book should be noted. Anyway, I love your posts and ideas for celebrating the church year with my children! You give so many good ideas and make liturgical living so much easier! Thank you!

    • That’s not exactly what it says- it says that “My body is like this bread. It will break”. Jesus is foreshadowing his death for the apostles. So I agree that the wording is not ideal, but it’s not wrong here. No children’s bibles are perfect as obviously the stories are re-written, and overwhelmingly I find the Jesus Storybook Bible to be a beautiful resource for kids. I like the stories and the illustrations are truly beautiful. I love how the color goes to the edges of the pages. I truly believe this to be a great resource for children.