All Saints’ Day Costumes From Catholic Icing- And Share Yours!

I started my annual All Saints’ Day costume share over on facebook– you can share your pictures in the comments to enter, and “like” all of your favorites. The photo with the most likes will receive some children’s Saint books for a fun prize. 🙂 We’ve got some really cute costumes over there- check them out and vote! (PS. There are no rules so you can “like” as many as you want)

all saints day costume contest

I thought it would also be fun to go through our past All Saints’ day costumes with the kids, so here goes!


Lydia as Our Lady of Fatima

our lady of fatima costume for all saints day

Julian as St. George

st. george and the dragon costume for all saints day

Violet as St. Mary Magdalene

st. mary magdalene costume

Anabelle as Little Nellie of Holy God

little nellie 2015

all saints day kid costumes


Lydia as St. Cecilia

st cecilia 2014

Julian as St. Juan Diego

juan diego 2014

Violet as Our Lady of Guadalupe

our lady of guadalupe 2014

Anabelle as an Angel

angel costume 2014

all saints day costumes for kids


Lydia as Blessed Imelda

(Lydia is wearing my First Communion dress for this one) <3

blessed imelda 2013

Violet as an angel

(and Violet is wearing the flower girl dress from my wedding in this one!) <3 <3

angel costume violet

Anabelle as an angel

angel costume for toddler

My 3 little heavenly girls! <3 <3  <3

angel costumes 2013

…and… Julian as… Spider Man. *sigh*

spider man costume 2013

I still hear about this one from the kids. “Remember that year Mommy let Julian be Spider Man?”



Lydia as St. Kateri

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st kateri costume 2012

Julian as St. George

st george 2012

Violet as an angel

angel costume 2012

Anabelle as the “Little Flower” (St. Therese)

st therese the little flower 2012

all saints day 2012


Lydia as St. Cecilia

st cecilia 2011

Julian as Juan Diego and Violet as Our Lady of Guadalupe

juan diego and our lady of guadalupe 2011

And Anabelle makes an appearance! 😉



Lydia as St. Elizabeth

st. elizabeth costume 2010

Julian as St. Florian

st florian costume 2010

Violet as Mother Teresa!

mother teresa costume 2010


Lydia as St. Elizabeth

st elizabeth costume 2009

Julian as St. Padre Pio

padre pio costume 2008


Lydia as St. Cecilia


Julian as St. Michael

baby st. michael costume 2008

I have to add here that this 2008 All Saints’ Day party I threw was the birth of Catholic Icing. It was the first time I was like “Hey, why not celebrate something Catholic rather than throwing a Halloween party?” and when I went looking for All Saints’ day games online, the best idea I found was “Baptize Barbie,” and I didn’t even allow Barbies. Soooo… I started a website with Catholic ideas. Of course, the internet has come a loooong way since then, and there are now tons of great ideas available. 🙂

What I learned while going through All Saints’ Day pictures:

  • For some unknown reason, a lot of these pictures never made it onto Catholic Icing before… weird!
  • Julian really likes to wear costumes that involve armor
  • I really over-use white dresses for costumes (angel, angel, first communion girl, angel, St. Cecilia…)
  • I really re-use a lot of costume pieces again and again
  • It seems that whatever Saint I dress my kids up as for the first All Saints’ Day, that kid takes up a special devotion to that Saint. Interesting. We’ll see if Anabelle turns out to love St. Therese…
  • When you dress up a kid as an angel for All Saints’ day, you should probably pick a specific one (Such as St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, etc.)


So the 3 photos that get the most votes will each receive this pack of Saint books for kids. Also, let’s have the voting go through Wednesday, shall we?

saint books for kids

Ok, now it’s your turn! Share your pictures here and start voting! 🙂

If you are looking for ideas for All Saints’ Day costume ideas for kids, be sure to check out my Saint Costume Directory!


  1. Adorable!
    And Totally OT:
    When did you have seven kids?! The last count I had was four (? I think…) I’m assuming you didn’t borrow someone else’s children? 😉

  2. Lexie Robinson says

    What precious little peaches! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for this fun post, I loved seeing all the pictures of your sweet kids over the years, and thank you for Catholic Icing. It is a great site and I use it alot in my role as a children’s catechist. Have a great day.

  4. Spiderman?! Here is a story that elevated the spider by associating it with a saint!
    St. Felix and the Spider, by Dessi Jackson.