Patriotic Rosary for the 4th of July

I ran across the idea of praying a patriotic rosary here, and I loved it! What a great idea with the 4th of July coming up!

It would be fun to make some red white and blue rosaries with kids to go along with the idea!

Here are a few of ideas for praying a patriotic rosary:

  • 1st Decade: for the Executive Branch
  • 2nd Decade: for the Supreme Court
  • 3rd Decade: for Congress
  • 4th Decade: for the Military
  • 5th Decade: for your Local Government

Another idea is to dedicate one Hail Mary per state- there are 50 of both! (actually, I guess you say the Hail Mary 53 times each rosary, but there are 50 within the decades.)

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I had another idea of praying for our nations soldiers- dedicating one decade for each branch of the military:

  • 1st Decade: Marine Corps
  • 2nd Decade: Army
  • 3rd Decade: Navy
  • 4th Decade: Air Force
  • 5th Decade: Coast Guard

Do you have any other ideas for praying a patriotic rosary? Leave it in the comments!

You can find more Saint feast days and fun ways to living the liturgical year in July here.


  1. Jamie Jo says

    Great photos! My favorites are the 2nd and the last photo!

    (great job!)

  2. I love the "heart" photo! You did a great job!! I love how you are making the 4th of July Catholic!! Awesome ideas!! I also got my Holy Heroes stuff today and they sent me a $5 off coupon! I'm headed back over to see what else I want!! 😉

  3. Samantha says

    What wonderful ideas for praying patriotic Rosaries! We'll be using one of these (probably the government version instead of the military one) this weekend! Or better still, we can pray the military one on July 3 and the government one on July 4, Saturday and Sunday!

  4. Phyllis Lantz says

    What a beautiful idea.
    Love it

  5. Great idea!

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