Our Lady of Mt. Carmel- Sweet Treats

The Feast of Our Lady of Mr. Carmel is coming up on July 16. This is a super awesome feast day to celebrate with kids because you learn about St. Simon Stock, a Mary apparition, and also the scapular all at once! The name of Our Lady lends herself to all kinds of deliciousness as it is very similar to the word caramel. So I mean… don’t we owe it to the world to eat caramel on this day? I think we do! haha. Also, there are so many fun and easy ways to make edible scapulars- you don’t want to miss it! So let’s take a look at these Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel sweet treats!

Story In A Nutshell

Our Lady appeared to St. Simon on Mount Carmel and handed the brown woolen scapular to him. Wearing the scapular comes with many promises from Our Lady, and some Catholics choose to wear it all the time. To read more about the story and promises of the scapular, check out Garment of Grace– it’s a great free read!

Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Sweet Treats

Here are some fun “Sweet Treats” to help you celebrate this awesome feast day!

I have directions for making you very own candy scapular and using to top an Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel ice cream sundae! Sure to be loved by kids of every age.

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On Sweetness & Light, they made some
Mount Caramels” of their own!
Under Her Starry Mantel. No baking or icing
skills required- honest!

Check out these sacpular graham crackers from Family At The Foot Of The Cross!


over on Bless Us O Lord.


I love this idea of making Scapular Brownies!
Find these at Just Another Day in Paradise.

Look To Him And Be Radiant also has some cute scapular brownines!

Or you can really make Carmel anything, like these
Salted Carmel Cupcakes from Amy Bakes Cupcakes.

More Caramel Treats You Could Eat!

  • Rolos- shaped like crowns, caramel inside. Sounds perfect to me!
  • Caramel dip with fruit- we especially love to dip apple slices in this stuff.
  • Caramel syrup over ice cream- this is perfect for summertime! 
  • Those new caramel filled M&M’s
  • Werther’s originals
  • Cowtails
  • Caramel apples 
  • Anything drizzled in caramel syrup. I mean what isn’t delicious with caramel on it, really?
Yum! Maybe being Catholic isn’t too great for my waist line… I’m really excited about this upcoming feast day- stay tuned for more Our Lady of Mt. Carmel posts! 🙂
I have even more fun ideas for celebrating Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel with kids here. Don’t miss out!
You can find more Saint feast days and fun ways to living the liturgical year in July here.


  1. Once again, a creative collection. But with all these food ideas, this particular feast may not be good for the waistline! 🙂

  2. Gardenia says

    I just love coming by — I always find awesome ideas. thanks.

  3. Xhonane Olivas says

    Dear Lacy, I just wanted to tell you that I chose your blog for the "Premio Dardos" (Dardos Award) for being such an inspiration and for the great example you are in what you do! See my post: http://familiacatolica-org.blogspot.com/2010/07/una-hermosa-sorpresa-para-familia.html Thank you!!!

  4. Sarah Harkins says

    Wow, Catholics are sooo creative! Must be all that Holy Spirit inspiration! and Feast Days ARE yummy! I can smell the caramel cupcakes right now!

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