DIY Christian 4th Of July Necklace Craft

The 4th of July is approaching, and if you’re looking to craft something that you can wear, is patriotic, and also speaks to your Christianity… well you have come to the right place! You can find a round up of Christian 4th of July crafts here. Now check out this cute Christian necklace craft that will leave you stylin’ on the 4th!

Supplies Needed To Make Your Own Christian Patriotic Necklaces

What you want to do is string your jewelry with the patriotic beads, mixing in Christian phrases with the letter beads. Make sure to put some of your patriotic beads between each word!

There are a variety of phrases you can use to make patriotic jewelry that is also Christian. Here are some examples:
  • In God We Trust
  • God Bless America
  • One Nation Under God


You don’t have to just make necklaces, you can make bracelets as well! They are smaller and easier for younger kids with shorter attention spans to make. 

“In God We Trust” bracelet:

I also made a rosary out of the patriotic beads that I made from polymer clay! (tutorial here)  Each decade has a different style of patriotic bead. This creation didn’t use any of the letter beads, but I absolutely love it! It includes all the designs I made including the star, the snail shell, the heart, and the tiny flags. 🙂 

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Here is a close up of some of the patriotic rosary beads. 

These necklaces are so cute once they’re on and my kids love theirs! They are a good witness to the world, as well. 


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