July- Month of the Most Precious Blood

Before I started this blog, I didn’t know that every month was the “month of something”- really, I didn’t! But being Catholic is just so much cooler than I ever knew it was! Anyway, the month of July is the month of the Most Precious Blood. So I was trying to think of something that might be fun to celebrate, and I immediately thought of blood oranges! 🙂 Here are some fun Summer recipes you can try with blood oranges this July!

There’s a Newf in my Soup.
Red marmalade in a bowl with blood orange slices in it


52 Kitchen Adventures has a recipe for
Vanilla cupcake with a blood orange slice on top of it


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What I really want to try is this

Blood Orange Sorbet from Culinary Concoctions– Yummy!

Blood orange slice with scoop of orange sorbet on top of it
Don’t miss this opportunity to read some Prayers in honor of Chirst’s Precious Blood. Enjoy your liturgical cooking!


  1. Elizabeth C. says

    This is really awesome Lacy…thx!

  2. Lacy, I did not know either about each month's celebration. Thanks to the blog world, I have been learning so much about our Catholic faith and traditions. I sure will like to new what each months theme is so that I can prepare on time. If you know were I could find out, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Martianne says

    Your blog is always so helpful and timely. I love it. So, I am passing some sunshine your way with an award! 🙂